Anthony Davis Believes He’s the Best Player in the Game

In a brief interview, Anthony Davis was asked a question. In his answer, he says “In my eyes, I’m the best player in the game, and I really feel that way, and nobody can tell me different.” A bold statement coming from a humble guy. The confidence he has in himself is impressive. But is he the best player in the game? Not with that unibrow.


Anthony Davis has always been regarded as one of the best in the league but has never gotten over being the third best in many people’s eyes. CBS Sports has him ranked number three with Kevin Durant and LeBron being the only two above him. A place where I think he fits, because Kevin Durant has too crafty of an offense with superhuman length in his arms and shot, and LeBron being a mortal version of the juggernaut.

So is there a true argument if Davis can be pushed over the top to be the number one best player in the world? Let’s start on defense because defense wins championships. There shouldn’t be any debate that Anthony Davis has been a better defender than LeBron, who received a lot of flak for his lack of defense, in the previous 2 seasons. But Durant on the other hand has found his defensive prowess being with the Omega team, the Warriors. So who is a better defender you may ask? I have to choose Davis and it’s not because his unibrow scares players from scoring. Davis stands at 6’11” and a wingspan of 7’6”, a real anomaly in the NBA. Compared to Durant whose height is somewhat unknown but is recorded at 6’9” with a wingspan on 7’5”. Their size is very similar with Davis having the slight edge to give him the advantage when defending guards and even tall guys in the paint. Davis also averages just shy of three blocks a game versus Durant’s two blocks a game.

KD LBJ.jpg

Offensively, Davis is unstoppable like his hierarchy peers averaging more points per game than Durant and LeBron. But I always say stats don’t tell the whole story. LeBron averages seven assists compared to Davis two. LeBron likes to get other players involved which results in him taking fewer shots so of course, he wouldn’t score as much as Davis. Durant has two of the best shooters ever he could pass to, so he could take fewer shots to trust they will make it. Davis isn’t a pass first player and doesn’t have any shooter on the level of Steph and Klay, so he might have to take more shots.

While a fan of the Brow can make the argument all they want but the reality is Davis isn’t the best player. He is one of the best and number three isn’t bad at all. He could be ranked number 100, no shade towards John Collins. LeBron and Durant have more note worthy stats than Davis does and do more on the court than Davis making both of them better all-around players. But Davis is only 25. In a few years when the King and Durantula leave, then it’s all Brow baby.

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