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Top 5 disliked athletes of all-time

By Payton Woolsey

We all have that particular athlete we cannot stand in the sports world. He (or she) stands there with a smug little face and stupid little antics — making you want to run your face through the TV screen when you see them, kind of person.

I’m no different, so without further ado, I welcome you to my player-hater list.

5. Phillip Rivers

What an absolute crybaby of a football player. I never actually seen a football player bitch at the refs so much in my life. The thing I love (to hate) most about Rivers is the fact that he can never clutch a fuckin win to save his life. It’s like the trash takes itself out when this guy shows up at Arrowhead.

I hope that the person who made the final decision to get rid of Drew Brees for this hunk of shit does not have a good life. I sincerely mean that.

For some reason, Chargers’ fans still try to convince themselves that Rivers is good. He does have excellent regular season numbers. Isn’t that what truly matters?

4. LeBron James

Now, since the Warriors mega team formed, LeBron James has been easier to like. No doubt about that at all fam. But, holy shit the flop has got to stop. LeBron always bitches about this call and that call. That’s no fun to watch when you’re an absolute freak of nature.

It’s this philosophy that eliminated LeBron from the NBA greatest of all-time conversation.

It’s these young kids who just left Chuck e. Cheese who are saying he’s the G.O.A.T. Please. Stop. With the memes comparing age for age to blah blah and yadda yadda yadda. GET A GRIP!

Enjoy LeBron. He’s great, but he’s not the greatest. And never will be.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

Yeah. He made an outstanding one-handed catch under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football. Get the hell over it.

I love watching Josh Norman get under this guy’s skin so much that he couldn’t even run routes.

Also, get a damn haircut with your Ramen noodle looking self. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him fade off. Yeah, he’s racked up some yards. So did Larry Johnson. Where is he now? Seems crazy right?

Beckham Jr. is too much of a show-boat and a no-show when the going gets tough.

2.Tom Brady

New England Patriots

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

You have no idea how much I get tired of talking about this dude. With Tom Brady’s stupid ass furry boot wearing, non-athletic scramble ability, all-time greatest coach hating, zero pressure in the pocket, phone destroying ass.

Brady brings it on himself. Though naturally supremely confident in his play and ability, whenever I see him with his head down with less than two minutes in the game sobbing on the field I feel pure joy and bliss. You can only watch perfection work-out for somebody for so long before you’re ready to puke.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the day Tom Brady has his “Peyton  Manning” moment and falls apart before our very eyes in the middle of the game.

1. Bill Laimbeer

Nobody is a more significant piece of shit then Bill Laimbeer. If Bill were a band, he would be Nickelback.

I say this as a fan of the Detroit Pistons “Bad boys”  — who could forget the classic back-to-back championships, hindering Michael Jordan from reaching the promised land early in his career.

Laimbeer took that “bad boy” look way too far, though.

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Watching Laimbeer and his dirty antics season after season makes me want to punch him in the face.

Let me know in the comments your top five hated players of all-time.