Jimmy Butler Wants out of Minnesota

Jimmy Butler, who is a star player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, has requested a trade from the team. Butler has made his frustrations with some of the players on the team public. He and Andrew Wiggins have taken slight jabs at each other on social media. Butler also complained about the younger players on the team havnig a childish mindset. Right now the Timberwolves aren’t trying to get rid of him for just anybody. Plus this issue has the rest of the NBA turning heads in an attempt to get the great 2-way player. His teammates and good friends Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose said: “Butler’s trade request was a surprise.” Klay Thompson of the championship Warriors even praised Butler and his talent by saying “Jimmy can elevate a team to contender.”

butler gibson

It was reported that Minnesota once tried to trade Butler to the 76ers for Ben Simmons. A trade that seems very fair with Simmons being a young star already and is believed to be a LeBron-esque player. The 76ers declined the offer to trade Simmons. They truly believe Simmons will evolve into a new LeBron, but with more hair. In addition, Simmons is still in his rookie year so his price isn’t as high as Butler would require to be on that team. The Sixers stated they are “completely out” of the negotiations in the Butler deal.

The Miami Heat are, according to ESPN, the front-running team to acquire Butler. The Heat need a new star guard and they would get a great defender along with it. Having Dragic at the point and a couple of decent role players, it would be a good fit for Butler. One thing Butler didn’t take into account is that Miami is willing to be patient and play the long game to get him. They won’t give up so easily.

The Houston Rockets are making a strong push to pick up Jimmy Butler which can cause problems. The first issue is the money. The Rockets have James Harden in a super-max deal and Chris Paul in a max. Do they have enough capital to satisfy Butler? Then the role he will play might change as well. Paul at the point, Harden at the 2, Butler will be at the 3, with Carmelo at the 4 (if they let him start). Butler will be a good player at the 3 but it will be more of a challenge because he will have bigger defenders on him.

Whatever team ends up with him will be thankful and glad to have a great addition, but we have to make sure the Warriors aren’t that team.

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