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PGA Tour British Open: Tiger Woods is back, ya’ll

Tiger Woods turns back the clock at the PGA Tour British Open, and the game of golf is better for it.

By Neil Harrington

Nowadays, Tiger Woods is known for indulging in “all you can eat” buffets at Perkins, especially dessert — but it wasn’t always that way.

At one point, it wasn’t a matter of if, but when Tiger Woods was going to run down the “Golden Bear,” Jack Nicklaus as the all-time PGA Tour Major Championship G.O.A.T.

However, Tiger Woods has stalled-out at 14 Major wins, still trailing Jack Nicklaus by four, with his last Major win a decade ago — at the U.S. Open.

But, “hey, it’s Tiger,” and he’s back, baby.


During the early holes of the final day of the British Open, Tiger Woods was tied for the lead. Let that sink in a moment. Tiger Woods was tied for the lead in a Major PGA Tour Championship on the final day.

Woods not only played lights-out golf but has that “Tiger Woods, ya’ll” swagger back. It’s fun to watch!

Even though Woods came up just short within a crowded leaderboard and couldn’t overcome the eventual champion Francesco Molinari — he has nothing to hang his head about.

I haven’t watched a full golf tournament for ages. Come to think of it, not since Woods was in serious contention back in 2013.

But this weekend, I couldn’t turn the channel and keep my eyes off of the PGA Tour British Open– because of Tiger Woods.

Woods is the only reason I care about golf. I know that the field is as competitive as ever, even without Woods dominating fools on the golf course. But, if he’s not relevant, I could care less.

What hooked me on golf; well, watching Woods that is, was his incredible 1997 Masters performance at the ripe age of 21 — I even bought an array of Tiger Woods bobbleheads.

Once Tiger faded out starting in 2013, so did my interest in golf. But, like Tiger, my interest is sparked, once again

I find myself, for some reason — even after all of the off-the-course drama, still rooting for him.

For many, it’s the polar opposite, where you hope Tiger crashes and burns every time he tees off. Nevertheless, both sides of the coin prove that a competitive Tiger Woods is better for the sport.

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Even though Tiger came up just short, he’s back ya’ll — and as a consolation, you have my permission to wear your Tiger Woods/Ron Swanson victory red-shirt.

You long-suffering Tiger Woods fans have earned it!

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