NFL: Dez Bryant’s social media blunder leads to potential employment

Dez Bryant is having trouble landing work as an NFL wide receiver. However, he’s found a (potential) job as a boxer instead.

By Neil Harrington

Last week, Dez Bryant declined a one-year, four million dollar deal with the Cleveland Browns, and now we may know why.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is ready to hop into the ring against YouTuber Jake Paul, who recently destroyed Bryant via social media for a blunder of his own.

Bryant intended to send (Jake) Paul’s brother, Logan, a private message, congratulating him on a prominent boxing win in Manchester — but found himself accidentally messaging Jake instead.

Instead of taking the classy route and keeping their conversation private, (Jake) Paul made their interaction a public affair, posting his response to Dez on Twitter — and we are all glad that he did.

Savage, bro. Flat-out, savage.

Naturally, Dez responded and wants to fight Paul, which would be a must-see (reality) television event.

“I guess he called himself trying to clown..we can get in the boxing ring tho if he want smoke.”

Dez Bryant’s years of smoking fools in the NFL may be over, but his mouth and ego are as substantial as ever. Hey, whatever it takes to land a job, I suppose. Who am I to judge?

Both men are looking to stay relevant and are so full of themselves, so what better way to display it than a testosterone filled boxing cage match extravaganza.

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It won’t be easy for Bryant, since Paul recently came away victorious in a boxing match preceding his brother’s, which ironically led to all of this drama.

Dez Bryant

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Honestly, it doesn’t matter who wins between Bryant and Paul, because both are losers — win, loss, or draw.

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