Ohio State football: We aren’t buying Urban Meyer’s ‘apology’

We aren’t buying Urban Meyer’s insincere apology, and Ohio State University should be ashamed of themselves for not firing him in the first place.

By Neil Harrington

“The” Ohio State University’s half-measure punishment of Urban Meyer, for his role in covering up the domestic abuse actions of a former assistant coach — then lying about it — clearly reveal his real character.

In case you’re late to the party, read about the full story here before moving forward. 

Meyer’s facial expressions and choice of words uttered from his script during his latest press conference were quite telling. He was only sorry that he got caught in his and clearly feels his punishment is unwarranted.

Urb’s sense of arrogance and lack of humility were on full display. His omission of apologizing to or even mentioning the actual victim, Courtney Smith during the presser was the nail in the coffin in confirming these truths.

Meyer recently took to Twitter, “apologizing” to Smith for his lack of support for her.

Why didn’t Meyer make this statement in public in front of the cameras? Because he’s a coward and is now trying to prevent any further damage to his image.

I’m not buying it and the only ones who are, are a handful of blind Ohio State fanatics.

Are you kidding me with this response? You’re “saddened by our society?” For what, speaking the truth? Give me a break.

This “Suckeye” fan was just getting started, so grab your popcorn.

A woman who was abused both mentally and physically by her (former) husband was out to get him? Give me a break.

She’s not even the one who is coming after Meyer; it was a brave reporter for uncovering the truth on the matter.

Sadly, it’s all about winning and making money this day in age, especially with the cash cow that is NCAA Football — especially at Ohio State.

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Meyer generates millions of dollars in revenue for the University, so they won’t bite the hand that feeds. His apology is garbage and he should have been fired. However, until someone with power stands up to Meyer and others like him, nothing will change in our society.

It’s all about the Benjamins.