Eric Reid Gets Signed After Kneeling, Is Colin Kaepernick Next?

Eric Reid was a former 49ers player who took a knee alongside Colin Kaepernick. While Kaepernick was in the spotlight for not being signed and being sort of blackballed from the NFL, Reid was also not signed for the same reason as his ex-teammate. After a long time away from the NFL, Eric Reid has been signed to a team, the Carolina Panthers. However, the contract he signed is for one year and $4 million less than his original contract with the 49ers. People see this as hope that the NFL and some owners are finally understanding and showing support for people who have knelt for the injustice of African American men in America. Other people see this as a simple ploy to get in the fans good graces again.

eric reid panthers

The bigger story that is underlined here is that if Eric Reid got signed, will Colin Kaepernick be next? He is good enough to be a starting QB, plus he still has years ahead of him as he’s only 30 years old. His supporters have always wanted him to get signed to a team, and there wish might come to fruition. As everyone knows by now Kaepernick signed to be the new face of the Nike campaign with the slogan “Believe in Something, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything”. Well fitting for him. Nike is also the supplier of NFL jerseys due to the deal they made with them, giving Nike the ability to use their influence to assist Kaepernick if he truly wants to get signed.

Earlier this year it was reported that a couple teams in the NFL gave Kaepernick a contract but he didn’t sign it. It was later discovered later on that inside those contracts stated that he must stand for the national anthem. Kaepernick, being the activist he is, turned it down. It doesn’t matter the amount of money he was offered or the amount he was promised; his rights are more important to him. The NFL has been trying to sign him because of the lowered ratings, and their bottom line is getting damaged slightly.

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Let’s just assume he is going to get signed to a team. What team would need him? Obviously, one who has a bad QB. Any team with a rookie QB, should have a little bit of interest in Kaepernick. Those teams are the Jets, Cardinals, Bills, and Browns. All of these teams should at least consider signing Kaepernick. Obviously, these four rookie QBs could go on to have great success in the NFL. If anything, Kaepernick could be signed as insurance just in case of an injury to one of these QBs, or any quarterback for that matter. There’s other teams who could use a decent signal-caller also. Even Kaep’s old team, the 49ers, are in a tough spot after losing Jimmy Garropolo for the season. The Jaguars should also consider signing him just because Blake Bortles’ next meltdown could come at any time.

Many fans hope Kaepernick gets signed to a team and receives justice. Only time will tell if that ever happens.

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