BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-Up/Perfect Weekly Line-Up

Mr. McGibblets 219.65 (W) vs. Revenge of the Sith 188.70 (L)

Mr. McGibblets took advantage of his lone member of the Perfect Line-Up, kicker Chris Boswell who also threw a touchdown pass. The Force wasn’t strong with RotS this week as they left the highest scoring defense on the bench. However, it wouldn’t have matter as Mr. McGibblets used his strong performance from his running backs to defeat the Sith. Who knew Joe Mixon and Leonard Fournette were Jedi?


JJ Top Goad Bottom 284.20 (W) vs. Sexual Tyrannosaur 127.20 (L)

Asexual Lizard must have hibernated for the winter because he left Robert Woods (bye) and Alex Collins (injured) in his lineup. Neither played this week. JJ Top Goad Bottom had a week high three members of the Perfect Line-Up team, Kirk Cousins, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Adam Thielen. This game was all JJTGB as he more than doubled the score of Asexual Lizard even with tight end Evan Engram not playing and remaining in the lineup.


Non-generic TeamName 266.05 (W) vs. Dave Trubisky 189.85 (L)

Dave, you get a pass this week because your boy was injured. However, a good father would have done whatever it takes to get his boy to play, but no judgment from us. NGTM used big games from Christian McCaffrey and Amari Cooper (both Perfect Line-Up members) to jump into first place in the league. How does a team without a team name do well in fantasy football? Better question: How does the rest of the league allow this to happen?


Vinegar Strokes 250.30 (W) vs. Taco Corp 182.85 (L)

The Strokes used Saquon Barkley (Perfect Line-Up member) to hand Taco Corp a big loss. Vinegar Strokes just had an all-around great day and exceeded their projection by nearly 20 points. Taco Corp, on the other hand, fell about 20 points shy of their projection. Maybe he should have started a defense that wasn’t on a bye…

bold strategy

Vaginal Hubris 215.80 (W) vs. Dr Phil’s mustache 208.80 (L)

Our Missouri Pizza Co. Game of the Week featured Vaginal Hubris and apparently a new team in the BanterCamp, Inc. Fantasy Football League. A tight end that had a game this week could have given Dr. Phil a win. Instead, he left Travis Kelce in the starting lineup for a reason that is yet to be known. Another bold strategy…


Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 12)

QB: (MIN) Kirk Cousins vs. GB – 66.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

RB: (CAR) Christian McCaffrey vs. SEA – 70.40 (Non-generic TeamName)

RB: (NYG) Saquon Barkley vs. PHI – 47.40 (Vinegar Strokes)

WR: (PT) JuJu Smith-Schuster vs. DEN – 56.80 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

WR: (DAL) Amari Cooper vs. WAS – 56.00 (Non-generic TeamName)

WR: (MIN) Adam Thielen vs. GB – 39.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

TE: (PHI) Zach Ertz vs. NYG – 31.20 (Vaginal Hubris)

K: (PIT) Chris Boswell vs. DEN – 14.10 (Mr. McGibblets)

DEF: New Orleans Saints vs. ATL – 25.00 (Revenge of the Sith)