BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-Up/Perfect Weekly Line-Up

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Non-generic TeamName 226.25 (W) vs. Mr. McGibblets 173.95 (L)

Mr. McGibblets just loves taking a beating. Had he started the correct guys, he still would have lost, but it would have at least been respectable. Losing is a habit and Mr. McGibblets has made it one. Is he even trying anymore? It sure doesn’t look like it. NGTN had a nice all-around game, but no one made the Perfect Line-Up. Try harder next time.

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Revenge of the Sith 215.50 (W) vs. Sexual Tyrannosaur 206.60 (L)

In our Missouri Pizza Co. Game of the Week, Sith edged out the Lizard, thanks to Patrick Mahomes Perfect Line-Up appearance. Tyrannosaur had two members of the Perfect Line-Up team, but it wasn’t enough. He has several guys he could blame starting with Michael Crabtree or Trey Burton. Both underperformed by a wide margin. Asexual Lizard underperforms a lot or so we hear.


Slob on my cobb 253.10 (W) vs. JJ Top Goad Bottom 165.80 (L)

Slob came from behind with some help from the Kansas City boys, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce (both made the Perfect Line-Up team). Yeah, that’s an innuendo. Slob actually had the second highest score this week. JJ Top Goad Bottom isn’t looking too good. He’s lost four in a row and has fallen from the top spot.

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Vinegar Strokes 259.85 (W) vs. Dave Trubisky 179.75 (L)

Dave finally started his son, but only out of necessity. Mitch was well aware that he was only starting because of Tom Brady being on a bye week. While Mitch still won his game, he made sure to not let his father win his. After the Bears-Vikings game, Mitch could be heard screaming, “Fantasy football isn’t real, Dad!” Come on, Dave. Be better.

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Taco Corp 186.40 (W) vs. Vaginal Hubris 146.00 (L)

Taco Corp showed a little hubris of his own because he won despite not having a kicker. His tight end also put up a goose egg, but so did Demaryius Thomas for VH. Taco Corp can thank big performances from the Rams defense (Perfect Line-Up team), his RBs, and WRs. He didn’t get much help from his QB, Carson Wentz. Taco Corp is loaded with hubris after this victory. and you can bet he’ll enjoy this one.

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Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 10)

QB: (KC) Patrick Mahomes vs. LAR – 82.00 (Revenge of the Sith)

RB: (DAL) Ezekiel Elliot vs. ATL – 53.20 (Sexual Tyrannosaur)

RB: (NYG) Saquon Barkley vs. TB – 50.40 (Vinegar Strokes)

WR: (KC) Tyreek Hill vs. LAR – 65.00 (Slob on my cobb)

WR: (IND) T.Y. Hilton vs. TEN – 52.00 (Sexual Tyrannosaur)

WR: (NO) Tre’Quan Smith vs. PHI – 47.40 (Revenge of the Sith just picked him up)

TE: (KC) Travis Kelce vs. LAR – 41.40 (Slob on my cobb)

K: (ATL) Matt Bryant vs. DAL – 16.00 (Vinegar Strokes)

DEF: Los Angeles Rams vs. KC – 29.00 (Taco Corp)