Mexico City or L.A., It Doesn’t Really Matter

By: Payton Woolsey
The NFL has decided to move the Monday Night game to Los Angeles. It was originally scheduled to be played in Mexico City but their field is in terrible shape. So, in the name of player safety, it has been moved to California.
The Kansas City Chiefs are going to beat the Rams, and it really won’t be that close.
I already know. I’m a KC fan…blah…blah. Being realistic, I’m quite aware of what a let down this team can be, especially in the playoffs. But this isn’t the playoffs either.

Photo credit to Fox News

Here’s why the Chiefs are going to beat the Rams in front of the whole nation.
The Rams are a great team, but the defense, mainly the secondary has been suspect as of late. I get it, they played a loaded Saints team with the freakish Alvin Kamara. But, you know who is more freakish? Tyreek Hill. You know who’s more loaded? Kansas City. And Marcus Peters is in the middle of the worst season he’s ever played. He also happens to play for the Rams now. Will he rise for the occasion? Who knows? But if he does, that just means Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce will be left to make plays. We’ve already seen what the two of those guys can do.
The Chiefs defense has been on a terror as of late. They rushed the Cardinals QB Josh Rosen for a season record 54% of his snaps. Chris Jones has had at least one sack for six straight games. Sure, Todd Gurley will get his 150-200 yards and four TDs. But then what? I’m doubtful that the Chiefs will be held to a season low in this game, which is 26. I don’t see Kansas City letting off the gas pedal in this one, and I don’t think the Rams can keep up.

Photo credit to The Daily Chomp

Another thing to keep an eye on is the matchups two QBs. Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff. These guys are two of the best quarterbacks this season. Goff has had a great season and has been able to capitalize on the attention that Gurley demands. He’s made life hell on opposing defenses. But Patrick Mahomes has been on a historic pace this season. He already has 31 passing touchdowns. Goff is going to get a chance to show weather or not he is of elite caliber in this game. His game play might be the most important for anybody on either team. Because if this game depends on Todd Gurley, it won’t be enough.
In a high scoring game, the final score will be:
Kansas City 48
L.A. 35
I’ll be here to say I told you so.