Monday’s Scuffle Between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green has led to Much Suspension – Literally

By: Bryce Fields

Monday night’s contest between reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers did not go as planned for anyone. First and foremost, the mediocre Clippers take a game from the Warriors while they were without two-time MVP Steph Curry. This in itself has not been talked about enough in the wake of everything else that came up from the game, and is not okay. Despite being 12-3 to start the season, they just don’t seem to be the juggernaut they have been in recent years. Not to mention, some people may have had a few bucks thrown around on the game, so the Warriors need to figure it out. I won’ t drop any names, but let’s just say I am not very happy.

Also, I forget to mention the highlight of the night that hardly had anything to do with basketball – the verbal altercation between Warriors’ stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. With the game tied up and only seconds left on the clock in regulation, Green grabbed a rebound and took off down the floor to win the game. I don’t know how closely you follow the NBA, but if you know anything about Draymond, his offensive game can be described as lackluster. Now, this did not please Kevin Durant, who could be seen clapping his hands and calling for the ball in the backcourt. Green had other ideas about who would be the star of the show, stared directly at the floor while he took off up court, and would’ve turned the ball over if time hadn’t run out without getting a shot up. 

Photo credit to Golf Digest

We know how the rest of the game ended up (Clips won), but it was after that the waters started getting testy for the team in the Bay. Apparently, Durant and Green’s feud continued postgame, where things got chippy. Green felt that Durant’s bitching about not getting the ball was belittling the All-Star forward that Green is, while Durant thought his act of not giving the ball to the former MVP and scoring champion he is was dumb as hell. Either way, it was an all-around bad time for the Warriors.

Days later, and the skirmish between the two is ongoing after things got personal. Green called out Durant for his impending free agency, which Green apparently thinks will be when Durant leaves in free agency. This was too mean of a comment for the Golden State organization, so they suspended Green for their next game, aka, backing up Durant in the argument. 

Photo credit to One News Page

This could just be a little bump in the road for the championship favorites, but what if it is more than that? With Durant’s free agency coming up, the Warriors will do whatever it takes to keep him in town, including tossing Green under the bus. The drama is starting to build up in Golden State, and everyone is hoping it ends their reign in the NBA.