BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-Up/Perfect Weekly Line-up

Mr. McGibblets 182.35 (W) vs. Vinegar Strokes 172.05 (L)

Mr. McGibblets picked up his second straight win despite Mike Williams putting up a goose egg. Neither team really deserved to win this game, however. Both underperformed their projections. Vinegar Strokes just underperformed more. So congrats, Mr. McGibblets. You won because your team sucked less than the other team. We even got you a T-shirt.

T shirt

Revenge of the Sith 203.75 (W) vs. JJ Top Goad Bottom 196.40 (L)


The Missouri Pizza Co. game of the week featured the top two teams in the BanterCamp, Inc. Fantasy Football League. JJ Top Goad Bottom gave into his dark side even though he had the third highest scoring WR this week. Revenge of the Sith takes over the top spot in the standings with this victory.


Non-generic TeamName 246.45 (W) vs. Sexual Tyrannosaur 188.80 (L)

NGTN had a solid week all around. His RBs combined for 100 points but neither made the Perfect Line-Up this week. Sexual Tyrannosaur has lost six in a row. Apparently, he is so used to losing that he has accepted it.

my life now.gif

Vaginal Hubris 250.90 (W) vs. Dave Trubisky 159.30 (L)

When is Dave going to learn? It’s becoming a weekly issue. Your son is playing so well yet you leave him on the bench. Dave Trubisky has officially been eliminated from the Father of the Year contest. Vaginal Hubris left the second highest scoring WR on the bench, but Allen Robinson wasn’t needed. Winning despite that is hubris if I’ve ever seen it.


Taco Corp 251.30 (W) vs. Slob on my cobb 215.65 (L)

Don’t look now, but Taco Corp has won four in a row and is up into fourth place. Slob on my cobb lost despite having the highest scoring QB, RB, and WR. Although, he left Roethlisberger on his bench. Slob on my cobb must like Randall Cobb so much that he started him even when Cobb didn’t play. Had he started Big Ben and his only WR that was active this week, Slob would have won. Sucks to suck.

sucks to suck.gif

Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 10)

QB: (PIT) Ben Roethlisberger vs CAR – 77.30 (Slob on my cobb)

RB: (CLE) Nick Chubb vs. ATL – 56.80 (Slob on my cobb)

RB: (ARI) David Johnson vs. KC – 55.60 (Taco Corp)

WR: (KC) Tyreek Hill vs. ARI – 46.40 (Slob on my cobb)

WR: (CHI) Allen Robinson vs. DET – 44.60 (Vaginal Hubris)

WR: (TEN) Corey Davis vs. NE – 38.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

TE: (PHI) Zach Ertz vs. DAL – 55.00 (Vaginal Hubris)

K: (NO) Wil Lutz vs. CIN – 17.00 (Non-generic TeamName)

DEF: Pittsburgh vs. CAR – 23.00 (Dave Trubisky)