NFL Week 10 Recap: The Saints Keep Marching

By: Jonathan Goad

Holy Week 10, Batman!

The Patriots lost again. Maybe they aren’t serious contenders after all. The Browns won again! The Bills appear to have found their franchise quarterback.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

nitty gritty.gif

Carolina Panthers            21

Pittsburgh Steelers         52

Well, Carolina got a wakeup call from Big Ben and the Steelers. Roethlisberger tore the Panthers defense apart throwing for 328 yards and five TDs. We did learn that Le’Veon Bell most likely won’t return to the team in time to be eligible to play this season. I don’t think Pittsburgh cares because James Conner is playing just fine.

Detroit Lions      22

Chicago Bears    34

The Khalil Mack trade continues to pay dividends for Da Bears. He had two sacks on the afternoon. Mitchell Trubisky continues to play solid football (355 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD). The Bears are out front in the NFC North and aren’t looking back.


New Orleans Saints        51

Cincinnati Bengals           14

The New Orleans Saints might be the best team in the NFL. They’re sure playing like it. They absolutely smacked a decent Bengals team. Drew Brees continues to play MVP-like football. Who needs Dez Bryant? Not the Saints. I’d like to be in that number…

when the saints go marching in.gif

Atlanta Falcons                 16

Cleveland Browns           28

It’s safe to say that the Browns have surpassed anyone’s expectations. Three wins in one year is something they haven’t accomplished since Nam. The Falcons, on the other hand, are in trouble if they can’t beat the lowly Browns. Julio Jones did score again, so…silver lining?

Jacksonville Jaguars        26

Indianapolis Colts            29

Leonard Fournette scored twice in his return to the field. Blake Bortles actually played well, too, but they couldn’t complete the comeback. Andrew Luck is back, people!

Arizona Cardinals            14

Kansas City Chiefs           26

This wasn’t ever really in question, but the Cardinals kept things respectable. David Johnson looked like the David Johnson of old despite the loss. Tyreek Hill is still really fast. Patrick Mahomes finally didn’t throw for 300 yards. Thanks for the break, Pat.

Buffalo Bills        41

New York Jets   10

Wow! The Jets are awful. They let Matt Barkley of all people put up 41 points on them. Speaking of Barkley, Buffalo, forget about Josh Allen or Nathan Peterman. You’ve found your QB in Barkley. Shady also played well.

Washington Redskins    16

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3

Fitzmagic and the Bucs racked up over 500 total yards. The issue is that they only scored 3 points. How does that happen? I guess the kicker didn’t help. Chandler Catanzaro went 1/3 on the day. The Bucs also turned the ball over four times. The Redskins didn’t do anything flashy, but maintain their lead in the NFC East.

New England Patriots    10

Tennessee Titans             34

Mike Vrabel, Dion Lewis, and any other former Patriot the Titans may have put it to the current Patriots. Perhaps, New England isn’t that good. They sure didn’t look good on Sunday. The Titans are now only a game behind the Texans in the AFC South. This win over the Pats should give them a confidence boost heading into the latter parts of the season.

patriots lose.gif

Los Angeles Chargers     20

Oakland Raiders               6

The Chargers are the team no one is talking about. We should be. They were hyped up in the preseason, but then dropped a couple early games. They’re firing on all cylinders now and watch out. The other team in LA could potentially represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. They’re that good.

cookin with peanut oil

Miami Dolphins               12

Green Bay Packers          31

Welcome to the big show, Aaron Jones! Fifteen carries for 145 yards and two touchdowns helped many fantasy owners (including myself). The Packers took care of business but still have a mountain to climb to get back in playoff contention.

Seattle Seahawks            31

Los Angeles Rams            36

The Rams got a bit of a scare from the Seahawks but ended up pulling out the W. Rashaad Penny had an excellent game for the Hawks. Could we see a changing of the guard happening in Seattle? We’ll find out next week. The Rams will battle the Chiefs next week in a high-powered battle south of the border.

Dallas Cowboys                27

Philadelphia Eagles        20

These division rivals put on a show for the Sunday night game. It came down to whoever had the ball last and that was Dallas, more specifically, Ezekial Elliott. Zeke had a monster game. Dallas is trying to climb back into the division race.

New York Giants             27

San Francisco 49ers        23

Well these two bottom dwellers actually made for an entertaining Monday Night Football game. Did anybody actually watch it, though, outside of New York or San Francisco? Yeah, I didn’t think so. However, Odell looked like Odell, and Eli Manning looked like a fairly capable quarterback. The G Men might have played themselves out of the number one pick in next year’s draft.

Lessons learned in Week 10:

  1. The Patriots may not be quite as good as expected.
  2. Something is seriously wrong in Atlanta.
  3. The Bills may have found their QB.
  4. Khalil Mack is back to being Khalil Mack.
  5. Quit sleeping on the Chargers.