Drew Brees’ Secret is Out!

By: Jonathan Goad

Drew Brees is probably the most underrated quarterback in NFL history. Year in and year out he puts up number that are worthy of being in the discussion of the greatest quarterback of all time. But likely because he only has won one Super Bowl, he tends to be left out of the discussion. Guess who else only has one Super Bowl victory. Aaron Rodgers. Brees hasn’t won any MVP awards, although he probably deserves one or two. This is also why he likely isn’t in the discussion. He’s made eleven Pro Bowls and has been named Offensive Player of the Year twice in his career.

This isn’t an article defending why Brees should be in that discussion even though he should be. This is an article revealing his secret. He actually leaked it himself on Instagram.


Of the many passes he throws to his kids, maybe four of them were incomplete. However, they were dropped, so that’s not on Brees at all. His kids should have better hands.

This has to be the reason that Drew Brees is the most accurate passer of all time. He sits at 67.2% for his career completing percentage. That’s over a 17 ½ year career. Practicing with his kids, who let’s be honest, don’t have great hands, has made him more accurate. He knows how important it is to hit is receivers in the hands. He’s learned this from practicing with his children, like in the video.

So let’s stop being surprised when Brees hits one of his wide outs in the hands 40 yards downfield in stride. Let’s recognize Brees for how good he is.

Brees sits in the top five in many categories that we would include in an argument of the great QB ever. Not only does he lead in completion percentage, he leads in completed passes, passing yards, and passing yards per game. Brees is second in pass attempts, third in passing touchdowns, and fourth in passer rating.

He’ll likely pass Brett Favre this weekend and most likely pass Peyton Manning next season in passing touchdowns. Passer rating is a little tough to predict especially because the three who are ahead of him all are still active players— Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Tom Brady.

Passing for 5,000 yards in a season has only happened nine times in NFL history. Drew Brees has done it five of those nine. He also set the record for passing completion percentage at 72.0% in 2017. He’s currently in pace to break that this season as he’s completing 76.3% of his passes.

Photo credit to For the Win – USA Today

Again, the reason for all this success is in the video above. Drew Brees has revealed his secret. Quarterbacks take note. Have some kids, throw footballs to them to increase your accuracy, and maybe one day you can be as good as Drew Brees.

Also remember, Drew Brees is only six feet tall. Height shouldn’t even be a factor in the discussion. Yes, being 6’4″ helps, but it isn’t necessary to be one of the best QBs of all time.

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