BanterCamp Player Profile: Blue Collar Heart Throb, Julian Edelman




Good looks, muscles, monetary wealth, and a blue collar work ethic… this man is the definition of “mama said he’s bonafide”, mixed with a genuinely congenial personality.

Julian Francis Edelman has been breakin’ hearts since May 22nd, 1986 on the day of his birth in Redwood City, CA. Look at this guy, he has me currently questioning my own sexuality.

Just some of his previous love interests are Adriana Lima (Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Model), Ella Rose (Swedish Model), and even another NFL legend’s daughter— Jaqui Rice (HOF WR, Jerry Rice’s daughter).


Anyway, Edelman has not had the typical path to stardom as most athletes. He started his prep and collegiate days at QB where he accomplished many feats during that particular time frame. He started QB at Woodside High (after being turned down from his first H.S. of choice due to size) Woodside, CA where he amassed 2,237 yards through the air and another 964 yards on the ground with 42 total TD’s to total out his prep career. Most of these number were accumulated during his senior season which he led his team to an undefeated 13-0 season.

After prep ball, he would travel roughly 15-20 minutes down the road to play his Freshmen season of Quarterback at the College of San Mateo. Where he snapped necks and only metaphorically cashed checks to a notable season of 1,312 passing yards, 1,253 rushing yards (school record) with 31 total TD’s. Wow.

That notable season caught the eye of Kent State where he would play out the rest of his collegiate QB career. From 2006-2008 at Kent State his total offensive yards were a whopping 7,480 yards combined passing and rushing. Pretty impressive for a scrambling QB archetype. Are these numbers what got him drafted, though?



It was the way he went about his job. His intangibles of hard nosed work ethic and toughness that the New England Patriots loved about him. Loved him enough to take a shot at a short statured 5’10/190 pound QB out of Kent State, drafting him in the late 7th round— yes, late 7th.

This has obviously proved to be a wise decision by the Pats.

So lets talk about the less obvious real quick. How did Edelman—a 5’10 190ish pound Quarterback—become one of the best slot WR’s in today’s game?

1.       Willingness to change

2.       Good Ol’ fashion grit

3.       Both Mental and Physical Toughness

All the reports said they (New England Patriots) were probably going to try to utilize the undersized, but quick collegiate QB as a Kick Return Specialist (which they did). We know the story though—he turned into so much more.

Jules (As Brady, adorably, calls him) would follow Brady everywhere in the off-season prior to him “making it” so he could be nearby at a moment’s notice when Brady would want a work out partner to throw to. Talk about dedication—Edelman didn’t leave any opportunity on the table and did whatever he had to, to ultimately and finally get his shot.

Every time the Pats seemed to call on Jules, he executed– execution is orgasmic for Bill Belichick—and this is the song that never ends. To this day he’s still executing, and catching passes from one of the greatest to ever do it.

If you aren’t a fan, or don’t think he’s that good, think of it this way—Julian Edelman is that of a normal man’s stature– yet makes a career out of going up across the middle of the field, right in front of defenders whom are considered to be the best combination of size and speed that a defense has to offer. We’re talking 250+ pound men running full speed at a defenseless 190 pound Julian Edelman. A lost art in today’s game.

Edelman takes his licks, and like he always does, gets right back up from his unsuspecting and most likely HOF level career.

If my wife were to sleep with him, I’d only love her more, while bombarding her with a million fan boy questions.