BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-Up/Perfect Weekly Line-up

Mr. McGibblets 219.20 (W) vs. Vaginal Hubris 196.15 (L)

Well, none of our games were that close this week. Since this was the closest one, it will be crowned our Missouri Pizza Co. Game of the Week. Congrats! Mr. McGibblets can thank Drew Brees for his contribution which landed him the top spot of this week’s Perfect Weekly Line-Up Team. Julio Jones scored his first TD of the year and also made that team for Vaginal Hubris, but it wasn’t nearly enough. These bottom dwellers are very threatening, however.


Slob on my cobb 250.05 (W) vs. Revenge of the Sith 197.05 (L)

Slob on my cobb left Tevin Coleman (Perfect Line-Up member) on his bench, but it didn’t matter. Thanks to Travis Kelce (Perfect Line-Up member) and Minnesota’s defense, Slob on my cobb had the high ground. We all know what happens when someone has the high ground.

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Non-generic TeamName 209.75 (W) vs. JJ Top Goad Bottom 168.00 (L)

JJ Top Goad Bottom has been on bottom the past two weeks, but still sits atop the standings. They wasted Chicago’s appearance on the Perfect Line-Up. Shame.


Vinegar Strokes 195.95 (W) vs. Sexual Tyrannosaur 143.85 (L)

Vinegar Strokes keeps on strokin’ and we’re getting sick of it. Just put it away. They’ve won four in a row and honestly, are just making a mess. Michael Thomas aided in this week’s victory with his quarterback-like numbers. Asexual Lizard isn’t even asexual anymore as they’ve dropped the last five games.

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Taco Corp 167.55 (W) vs. Dave Trubisky 130.40 (L)

You’d think a father would have faith in his son. However, it wouldn’t have mattered this week because Dave made the correct choice. Taco Corp is lucky he played the lowest scoring team this week because he would have only beaten one other team.

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Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 7)

QB: (NO) Drew Brees vs. LAR – 68.00 (Mr. McGibblets)

RB: (CAR) Christian McCaffrey vs. TB – 48.40 (Non-generic TeamName)

RB: (ATL) Tevin Coleman vs. WAS – 48.20 (Slob on my cobb’s bench)

WR: (NO) Michael Thomas vs LAR – 60.20 (Vinegar Strokes)

WR: (TB) Adam Humphries vs CAR – 37.80 (Free Agent)

WR: (ATL) Julio Jones vs. WAS – 37.20 (Vaginal Hubris)

TE: (KC) Travis Kelce vs. CLE – 38.80 (Slob on my cobb)

K: (CHI) Cody Parkey vs. BUF – 12.00 (Free Agent)

DEF: Chicago vs BUF – 37.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

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