LeBron is Not Happy the Lakers Are Not Any Good – Something That Everyone Else Already Knew

By: Bryce Fields

The Lakers have started the 2018-19 season with a less than impressive 2-5 record, and LeBron is not pleased by it. After most recently losing to the Minnesota Timberwolves, he shared his thoughts on the team’s early season issues, issuing a threat to everyone by stating, “You probably don’t want to be around when my patience runs out. I’m serious.”

LeBron’s anger with the Lakers start to the year is not unwarranted. After years of dominating the Eastern Conference, including 8 straight NBA Finals appearances, he is not used to having team struggles. Now people are doubting whether he and the Lakers can even make the playoffs, something that is not acceptable for the King.

I guess there is only one problem I have with this whole scenario – did LeBron think the Lakers would actually be that good? I understood him going to L.A. for maybe some other opportunities, but to play for a good basketball team? Might as well signed with the Clippers.

In all seriousness, LeBron can’t be too mad about the Lakers problems. The team was already filled with young and unproven talent in Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and Kyle Kuzma, then the front office decided to surround LeBron with veterans Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley, Lance Stephenson, and JaVale McGee. The team has no solid shooters, hardly any good defenders, and way too much ego. If LeBron or anyone else thought that the Lakers were going to be incredible this season, I am not sure where they got that inclination.

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Photo credit to Sporting News

To be fair, I do think that the Lakers will figure it out as the season goes along. Once the young guns learn how to play and win around LeBron, L.A. will be back on track. Not only that, but this team isn’t built to win this year, and LeBron knows that. All of the role players are either on rookie or one-year contracts, so the Lakers do not have much money tied up in the long-term. This will allow the team to continue to look to trade for or sign a superstar caliber player in the offseason. LeBron is under contract in L.A. for the next four years, so he isn’t going anywhere soon. Despite the Lakers issues they have already had this year, there time will come in the near future.

However, LeBron – you have to calm down the postgame rants. Yes, we know the team is underperforming. Yes, we know you are head and shoulders better than anyone else on the team. Yes, we know that Rondo spitting and fighting people won’t help you win games. But we are only 7 games into the season, and there is plenty of time for the Lakers to turn it around.