Get Over Yourselves People – Todd Gurley Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Fantasy Football Team, Nor Should He

By: Bryce Fields

I love fantasy football just as much as the next guy. Getting a group of good friends together and enduring in a season of victory and heartbreak is the most American thing anyone can do. You have the incredible fantasy draft day party where everyone enjoys good food and better times, establishing the punishment for whoever happens to finish dead last at the end of the season, and the shit-talking starts from day one. Overall, it’s just a grand ole’ time.

However, let me tell you something: it is called fantasy football for a reason, aka, it is not real. Yeah, you may have a few bucks thrown into a pool for the winner, but let’s hope you are not putting your life savings into your fantasy football league, because then we have a whole other problem. It is just supposed to be a fun thing to do with your buddies and give you more reasons to tell your significant other you have to stay up to watch the NFL Thursday Night matchup.

So now that that has been established, let’s get another thing clear – do not expect real-life NFL players you drafted for your fantasy team to give even one single shit about you. Their job is to play professional football in order to be paid to support their family, not worry if you beat your college buddy in the $50 fantasy league.

These are the reasons why I hate this Todd Gurley stuff we are going to see on the internet for the next week. If you are unaware of the situation here it is – with the game all but over, Gurley busted through the line and was on his way to score a touchdown. However, in order to keep the ball and just run the clock out on the next play, the Rams star running back just fell to the turf a couple yards away from the goal line.

Of course, people were up in arms about Gurley’s decision. If you were on Twitter or any social media at the time, it was God-awful. Adults were actually saying horrible things about Gurley for not scoring that touchdown and potentially screwing them in their fantasy matchup for the week. First off, if you are blessed enough to have Gurley on your fantasy team, you know he has been incredible all year. So before you give him hell, thank him for any other game you’ve won this year. Secondly, if you are still upset at the situation, do me a favor: stand up, calm down, and remember that Todd Gurley and every other NFL player doesn’t give a shit about your fantasy football team, which is just the way it should be.

Matthew Berry of ESPN said it best:

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