Revisiting My 2018 MLB Playoff Predictions

By: Jonathan Goad

It’s a little hard for me to say this, but…I’m not perfect. I’m sorry. I know I’m letting a lot of people down by admitting that.

However, I’m close.

Now that the Boston Red Sox are World Series champs (again), let’s revisit my predictions.

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Wild Card Games

I was wrong about the NL Wild Card game. The Rockies surprised me and defeated the Chicago Cubs 2-1 in a thrilling 13-inning game. Over in the AL Wild Card game the Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics 7-2, as I predicted.


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Division Series

The National League Division Series featured the Milwaukee Brewers facing the Colorado Rockies. The other series was the Atlanta Braves vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers.

I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong about the Rockies, and I was wrong about the Brewers advancing to the NLCS. Milwaukee handled Colorado fairly easily sweeping the series three games to none. The LA/Atlanta series was a little closer, but the Dodgers ended up winning that series in four games, 3-1. I predicted that game would go all five games, so I was close.

Over in the AL, the Houston Astros took care of the Cleveland Indians. Houston won that series three games to none—something else I correctly predicted. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees series wasn’t quite as close as I predicted, but the winner was the same. Boston won three games to one (I thought it would go all five games).

Championship Series

In the NLCS, the Brewers faced the Dodgers. This series was a battle. Milwaukee was hot at the right time, but LA ended up cooling them off and won the series in seven games. While I may not have picked the Brewers, I did predict this series would go seven games with the Dodgers winning. Is partial credit allowed?

I was correct again in the ALCS teams and who would win that series. The Astros had a great season and a nice second-half run, but the Red Sox were just too much to handle. Boston won that series four games to one. I expected the Astros to put up more of a fight and thought it would go six games. They did win Game 1 of the ALCS, but Boston turned around and won the next four to advance to the World Series to face the Dodgers.

World Series

Well, I picked the Red Sox to represent the AL and the Dodgers to represent the NL. I’ll go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for that one. I was also correct about how many games this series would go. It only went five as the Red Sox proved to be the best team in baseball all season long. David Price finally had a solid October, and Steve Pearce won the World Series MVP after slugging three homers and driving in eight in the series. I predicted Mookie Betts would win the MVP.

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Looking back, I should have known the Cubs would flounder as they had been struggling the last couple weeks of the regular season. Had I picked the Rockies to win the Wild Card game, I may have been perfect in my picks, as I would have likely picked Milwaukee to defeat the Rockies. Although, hindsight is 20/20.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their ninth World Series Championship!

What promises to be an exciting offseason begins now.