Names to Keep an Eye On as the NFL Trade Deadline Approaches

By: Jonathan Goad

For those of you who are unaware, the NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, October 30th. Of all the major sports (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL), the NFL trade deadline is by far the least exciting. In the other three sports, multiple deals happen that usually involve some big names. For some reason, this isn’t the case in the NFL. Sure, some players will be moved, but not like in the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

We’ve already seen one trade go down. The Browns sent Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars for a fifth-round pick. With Leonard Fournette’s injury seeming more serious than originally thought, the Jags added to their backfield with the underrated Hyde. Carlos Hyde joins T.J. Yeldon in what looks like a running back by committee approach until Fournette returns. Meanwhile, the Browns are handing over the reins to rookie Nick Chubb. Chubb had a nice debut as the starter, 18 carries for 80 yards and a score. Duke Johnson, Jr. will continue to get work on passing downs as well.

With a week left before the deadline, here are some names to keep an eye on.

Le’Veon Bell

leveon bell.jpg

Photo credit to CBS Sports

This one is obvious. He’s unhappy with his contract and has still not reported to the Steelers, even though it was rumored he would return during their bye week. That has come and gone and Bell is imitating Big Foot—reported sightings here and there, but does anyone actually believe in his return to Pittsburgh? His potential destination is still up in the air. Philly has been mentioned the most, and several teams could use the dynamic ball carrier.

Demaryius Thomas


Photo credit to the Denver Post

The Broncos are reportedly listening to offers on the four-time Pro Bowler. Thomas still has a lot of value and could help several teams. Denver seems to be committed to Case Keenum’s favorite target, Emmanuel Sanders. It wasn’t that long ago that Thomas and Sanders made up of one of the most dangerous receiving corps in the league. They also had a decent quarterback throwing them the ball. DT has had a great career so far. Since entering the league in 2010, he only trails Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown in receptions with 662. It’s safe to say several teams will be looking to trade for Thomas’ services.

Literally any Oakland Raider

Remember a couple of years ago when the Raiders looked to be trending upwards? That seems like decades now. When you trade Khalil Mack, you’re pretty much open to trading anyone. That’s the situation the Raiders find themselves in. It doesn’t help that they’re terrible. They’re reportedly not tanking, but does any team ever admit to that? Not usually. Gruden is there long-term. He doesn’t like what he currently has so it’s time to sell. Amari Cooper has already been shipped out for a first round pick. Dallas must be in serious need for a WR. They might have overpaid. He’s been a disappointment the past couple seasons, but maybe a fresh start is exactly what his career needs. Maybe the Raiders are taking a play out of Stan Kroenke’s playbook. They are moving to Vegas afterall…

DeVante Parker

devante parker.jpg

Photo credit to ESPN

It’s rumored that Parker has fallen out of the good graces with his coaches in Miami. He was inactive this past week reportedly due to a nagging injury. However, his role has been reduced significantly with Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson taking the lion’s share of snaps. Both of those wide outs got hurt over the weekend, so maybe Parker gets another shot. It might be best for Miami to trade him, though. He has yet to live up to his potential as he has been hurt quite often in his young career. He still has a ton of talent, however. His agent is also not happy with the Dolphins. When all of this happens, it usually means the player, in this case Parker, is on his way out.

LeSean McCoy

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There aren’t many rumors that mention McCoy, but it would make sense for the Bills to trade him. He’s not getting any younger and the Bills aren’t good. Keeping McCoy on their roster won’t get them to the playoffs this season. They might as well get something for him before they end up cutting him in the offseason to save money. Shady could still provide value. He’s only 30. Sure, 30 is pretty much 60 for running backs, but in the right system, he can still be a playmaker. LeSean McCoy was Le’Veon Bell before Le’Veon Bell. There are teams that could use his talents. Maybe a reunion with the Eagles is in the future. Philly does need a back after losing Jay Ajayi for the season.

Patrick Peterson

The shut down corner back has let the Cardinals know he would like to be traded. He’s pretty unhappy with the current situation in Arizona and doesn’t see it getting better anytime soon. There will definitely be a market for him as he’s among the best CBs in the league, if not the best. There isn’t a team in the league that couldn’t benefit from have Peterson on their roster.