David Price Finally Pitched in a Postseason Game That His Team Won – But Hardly Thanks to Him

By: Bryce Fields

I am going to give you a postseason stat line for a starting pitcher and I want you to judge if it was a “good” outing: 4 runs given up on 5 hits in 4 and 1/2 innings of work, giving said pitcher an ERA of 7.71. I think we can all agree that this doesn’t seem like too hot of a performance, does it?

Well, usually everyone would agree, but since it was Red Sox pitcher David Price, it was just good enough.

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Photo credit to Tampa Bay Times

David Price, who has over 140 wins over his incredible 11-year career, has had one major flaw in his game that everyone points out – he has been horrible in the postseason. Despite a solid career ERA of 3.58, Price has consistently blown up in the playoffs, where he is 0-9 as a starting pitcher and has posted an ugly 6.18 ERA. When you have postseason issues like that, it makes it impossible to remember anything else. Price might be an ace-level pitcher in the regular season, but when you shit the bed like that in the postseason on a consistent basis, no one really cares.

Price was on the hill in game 2 of the ALCS for the Boston Red Sox against the Houston Astros. Already down 1-0 in the series, the Red Sox were putting all their faith into – quite frankly – a pitcher who sucks in the playoffs. Things were not looking good for the Sox heading into the matchup.

While I would love to tell you that David Price went out and defeated his postseason demons, I can’t because that would be a lying. Price posted the stat line I gave you all earlier, giving up 4 runs in just over 4 innings. To say Price has overcame his playoff struggles would simply not be true.

Price may still be looking for that elusive postseason win on his record, but he did come away with something – the first postseason team-win of his career. He didn’t pitch deep enough into the game to earn the win, but Price did leave the game in the fifth with a one run lead, and the Red Sox defeated the Astros 7-5 to even the ALCS up at one game apiece.

Yes, you heard me correctly, David Price started a playoff baseball game and his team won. The Sox gave him a 2-run lead in the bottom of the first that Price attempted to blow with two runs given up in the top of the second and third innings. However, Mookie Betts’ double would score three runs and give the Red Sox a 5-4 lead in the bottom of third, so hopefully Price is taking the check next time he and Betts grab lunch. That would be the score when Price left the game in the fifth, and the Red Sox would go on to win.

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Photo credit to Giphy

David Price started a game where his team won the game – finally. Many thought it would never happen, but here we are. The Red Sox are tied up with the Astros in the ALCS, and Price breaking his losing streak may give them momentum in the series.

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