New York Giants: I’m Openly Saquon.

How can you not like Saquon Barkley? I love everything about him– We are witnessing the next great take the league by storm. So soak it in and bask in his glory folks.

Through 6 weeks of football, Saquon looks like the crème of the crop at his perspective position. There is Todd Gurley, him… then EVERYONE else thus far in the NFL season. David Johnson, who is in a very similar situation has been less than stellar. Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t produced like Barkley has, WITH a much better O-Line, and I’d rather not mention Bell because unlike Bell, Barkley just wants to WIN.

Credit: MSG Networks (via Twitter)

He catches the ball extremely well, and runs hard in between the tackles. Goal line duties? No problem. He’s a true feature back which is a rarity in today’s game.

All of this and I have failed to mention that he is a ROOKIE! Oh, you knew that? What about the fact that per Pro Football Focus, the New York Giants rank in the bottom half of offensive lines in the entire league, and an aging Eli Manning is still under center for whatever reason. If that doesn’t put things in perspective—Eli’s brother– the Hall of Fame one— retired at age 39, when he should’ve at age 38 WITH a good offensive line. What I’m trying to say is, ELI IS TERRIBLE, yet all of this does not hinder Barkley’s production.

Brings us to talking point two—Todd Gurley, the current crowned prince of all NFL running backs, has the #1 rated O-line per Pro Football Focus, with a mastermind of a head coach (Sean McVay) and plenty of other weapons. Not knocking Gurley, as a matter of fact if you don’t like what the Rams are doing right now, I hope you get soap in your eyes the next time you shower—life threatening, no—annoying and painful, yes.

Is any of this resonating? I really hope you’re shouting, “You’re preaching to the choir!” right now.

If common sense doesn’t do it for you, maybe stats will? Through 6, Barkley is leading the league with 135 all purpose yards per game while still maintaining a 5.2 YPC Avg and 9.3 YPR Avg. Why is the latter of that sentence important? It simply states that these numbers ARE NOT inflated due to sheer volume.

Is that all? Of course not—Barkley is second in touchdowns with 6 to none other than league leader, Todd Gurley, with 9. Saquon is good at football.

How does a guy have Giant Sequoia’s for legs, yet is the song “Hallelujah- By Jeff Buckley” personified while prancing through would be tacklers, leaving a larger trail of bodies behind him than todays overdose epidemic. There’s only one thing that runs-on more than the previous sentence— that thing is Saquon Barkley

Saquon, you’re the ONLY player I will gladly cheer for while playing against my own fantasy team.

I’m calling it right now, he’s a first ballot HOF’er– I don’t care, make fun of me– I’m openly Saquon.



Feature Photo Credit: ESPN