Let’s All Bask in the Glory of the Yankees Getting Their Ass Kicked

By: Bryce Fields

October 8, 2018, is a day that will go down in infamy for the New York Yankees, and will be remembered as being hilarious if you are like the 95% of baseball fans who hate them.  

This is because on this date, the New York Yankees were defeated by archrival Boston Red Sox in the ALDS. Now, that may seem ordinary and like no big deal, but it was in the fashion that the loss occurred that was just downright disrespectful to Yankee fans. The game was lost by the final score of 16-1 in something where I’m from, we call a down right ass kicking.

I understand sometimes scores are lopsided, nor is this even the worse defeat for an MLB team this year. But this was the Yankees worst postseason loss ever.

Here is the thing that really gets me – October baseball is supposed to be dramatic, intense, and one of the best sports spectacles in the world. Teams who have built dominate lineups and/or own stellar pitching staffs go head-to-head for a chance to get to the World Series. So how on Earth do you let yourself get beat by 15 freaking runs?

Okay, I guess I can cut the Yankees some slack for a couple of the runs in the 9th inning, since they did call in catcher Austin Romine to get on the hill and close the game out so they could save their pitchers arms. But even then, that’s absolutely incredible to get beaten that bad. Staring pitcher Luis Servino had been solid all year, winning 18 games with an ERA just below 3.4, but proceeded to get shelled for 7 hits and 6 earned runs in three innings of work.

Maybe I am placing too much blame on the Yankees, and not giving the Red Sox enough credit. I mean, this team did win 108 games this year, while cruising through the second half of the season. Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, and Christian Vazquez all ended the hit parade with two hits apiece, while Brock Holt did the most damage of them all – hitting for the first cycle in postseason history and driving in five on the night. While I do understand that the Red Sox are really, really good, this does not make up for the fact the Yankees got absolutely smacked.

Photo credit to @MLBMemes

While I am one of the many baseball fans who hate the Yankees for the fact they have more money to use than my team and are winners, I do feel for the Yankee fanbase today. Being defeated by 15 runs is horrible, let alone by your bitter rival, and not even to mention in the playoffs. To add salt to the wound, the Yankees also lost game four and have been eliminated. Maybe they just ran into the buzzsaw that is the Boston Red Sox.

Photo credit to ESPN