Minor League Baseball Player Still Thinks About Vegas Shooting

Minor League Baseball player, Bubba Derby, says the famous Vegas shooting is still with him till this day. The Vegas shooting was a horrific event that took place when a crazed gunman open fired on attendees of a music festival taking place at Mandalay Bay. It was the biggest topic for a month when it occurred, and it brought a lot of focus on the gun issues and laws within America.


Bubba Derby was at the event when the nightmarish experience took place. He was attending the music festival with close friends and family– his parents, his sister, and brother-in-law, his nephew, his aunt, his cousin and cousin’s girlfriend. They all accompanied each other as they went to this event with intentions to hear great music by some of their favorite artists. After a few gigs, he heard what was believed to be firecrackers. His aunt, who is employed at the California police department said those aren’t firecrackers. The band on stage continued playing so the crowd thought it must’ve been safe if they haven’t stopped. The noise pauses and the mass of attendees went silent. Next, the sounds came again. That’s when everyone knew someone was firing at the crowd. Bubba described a mob of people running, ducking, and screaming.  He then states he shouted “Get Down” to his family as he jumps on them to protect them, using himself as a shield. He looked at his aunt and felt the pain and hurt everyone was feeling in the moment. Shortly after the gunfire ceases Bubba shouted “Run”. He, his family and friends arose from the ground and took off for safety.

Bubba came out the mass shooting with unharmed, as did his accompanied guests, but they were mentally hurt. Bubba states he was not sleeping well or eating well after the incident. He has even taken up therapy. His therapist was very helpful in him dealing with the trauma and the PTSD he now suffers from.

83BD7A75-90BC-4170-9159-53A7FA39D2D4Pictured above: Bubba Derby

Returning to what he loves to do, playing baseball has greatly helped him get over the trauma and take his mind off of it. However, there are some things he doesn’t enjoy anymore, like fireworks. And while he still thinks about it, he doesn’t let it hold him back anymore. He has a goal of playing baseball on the big stage and winning an MLB championship. Only 23 years of age, he is a very looked upon prospect who can get a call from the MLB any day now. Hopefully one day he will be able to live out his dream.

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