Thomas, Bell, and the NFL

Remember when you were little– playing in your back yard–pretending to be your favorite superstar? How many times did you hold out for monopoly money? Not once. You just wanted to be Jerry Rice catching the game winning TD.

backyard football

Now, pretend you’re Le’Veon Bell. You are already one of the top talents and top paid at your position. You’ve made more money in your short NFL career than even most affluent people will make in their lifetime. Why are you holding out? Because you suck as a person.

If you’re a fan that champions these kinds of actions and ideas, you suck too.

“We have to protect these players.”

Really? From who? From what? Ronnie Lott and John Lynch are both retired, and defenders aren’t allowed to hit anyone anymore— well at least not that hard and not without a written letter of recommendation from the officials. Hitting another player has become pickier than that stubborn Goldilocks choosing her porridge.


“That hit is too high.”

“That hit is tooooo low.”

…. You get it.

You’re telling me that these guys’ salaries are at an all-time high during an era of football that has ZERO big hits on any YouTube search for “NFL’s Greatest Hits”. The NFL has turned into powder puff football, going against what made it so popular, and at the same time these players want max contracts with “guarantees”. All after, not being thankful for making a thousand times more than the average Joe while getting the opportunity to participate in a childhood dream.

I will not stand idle (quiet) while Le’Veon Bell tries to make himself some sort of brave pioneer, using what happened to Earl Thomas like a political propaganda piece on any mainstream media source. He’s wrong, he’s selfish, and these actions are possibly dangerous to the game. This could set a precedent that can further rob us of top tier athletes playing full seasons.

earl thomas.jpg

As for Earl Thomas, sure his bird to the sideline, wasn’t directed at his teammates– It was a metaphorical “F” you to the organization due to him not getting the original long-term deal that he wanted– but look at ANY other job on the market. Do you have any sort of guarantees for your “normal” paying job? I didn’t think so. Guess who also doesn’t get guarantees. Police officers, fire fighters, and military members who are literally putting their lives on the line every single day. But go ahead and throw your fit about not being paid enough to play a game.

Take me back to the good ol’ days when the players earned their money for our entertainment by way of gruesome hits and QB close-lines. Take me back when QB’s respected a big hit—and were respected by taking one and getting right back up. QB’s used to be badasses who were real heroes that we all wanted our son’s to grow up to be—with mental and physical toughness and a barrage of unsolicited dick pics. They just don’t make em’ like they used to anymore.