X’s and O’s with Tina: Top 5 Hottest QBs

By: Yours Truly

For the ladies who live and breathe football, we’re a rare breed. We have to put up with generic, sexist jokes about our lack of knowledge and how we only pick teams based off the color of the uniforms. We’re all sick of it, I know!

But I’m here to tell you, embrace it all ladies! I know you know your shit. So when the time comes, let your football knowledge fly and blow away our small minded friends. But until then, don’t let the stereotypical jokes keep you from letting your freak fan-girl flag fly! Cat call those men through your TV!

There’s nothing better than acknowledging these handsome men who battle every Sunday just for us! I may be guilty of picking a few favorite players based off of their looks and physical ability. It’s only natural. They wear those tight pants that show all the right areas and form fitting jerseys that highlight their rippling arm muscles.

goofy movie.gif

So with that being said here’s the top 5 sexiest quarterbacks of the 2018 NFL football season. Brought to you by yours truly, Enjoy!

1. Jimmy Garoppolo:


They don’t call him Jimmy GQ for nothing. He may had started his career as Tom Brady’s backup but he’s moved to number 1 on my list and I won’t trade you for anyone else. He’s your classic tall dark and handsome.

2. Alex Smith:


Alex Smith has successfully perfected the right amount of ruggedness without looking like a homeless man or neck beard Andrew Luck (I love you but please shave, Luck). You are able to picture him outside chopping wood, shirtless of course because there’s no other way, but still able to pull off a tux at a gala event. You sir are winning in more ways than one.

3. Cam Newton:


Have you ever seen a sexier smile? This man can make your panties drop with just a flash of those pearly whites. His only down side is his fashion sense. With all that money you think he would be able to hire a better stylist. That’s okay, nothing that a fashionista can’t fix.

4. Ryan Tannehill:


This blonde hair blue eyed Texan stole my heart right away. With his strong jawline and chiseled features, it’s pretty easy to daydream about him running through the sandy water of those Florida beaches.

5. Tom Brady:


Whats a top 5 list without Tom Brady? Not only does he have the most Super Bowl rings but he does it in style. The thought of free Uggs for life and his salary are enough to secure him on any list of mine in the future. Although he may be the “GOAT” to some, he comes in at #5 with me.