BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-up/ Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 4)

Non-generic Teamname (Team Zach)- 233.60 (W) Vs. Taco Corp- 191.50 (L)

I don’t want to talk about it.

The Jedi Knights- 308.30 (W) Vs. Dave Trubisky- 235.90 (L)

Surprise, surprise. The Jedi Knights win again. With Alvin Kamara leading the way for both The Jedi Knights and the rest of the league as he comes in at the #1 back for the 2nd week in a row. The Jedi Knights won even with the benching of Jared Cook who was the #1 TE for week 4. Speaking of benching… Great job, dad. Way to bench your boy, Mitch. Bet that was an awkward drive home.


JJ Top Goad Bottom- 234.10 (W) Vs. Mr. McGiblets- 138.85 (L)

There were quite a few players in the “Perfect Weekly Line-Up” that were benched for some odd reason. No different here, as JJ Top Goad bottom benched the #1 WR in Cooper Kupp and Mr. McGiblets benched WR Corey Davis. Mr. McGiblets put up a record that may never be touched in only the 4th week of BanterCamp’s Fantasy Football existence… the lowest point total to date at 138.85. Way to beat up on the cripple kid, JJ Top Goad Bottom. Bet your mom is real proud. Side note, which pizza exactly is your mom’s favorite?


Vaginal Hubris- 258.45 (W) Vs. Vinegar Strokes- 202.90 (L)

Blowing it, she did not. Vaginal Hubris comes up with a big “W” and goes to 2-2. Vinegar Strokes definitely protected himself like using a trusted brand name contraceptive by the benching of Alshon Jefery who went off for 35 points. I don’t know what hurt Vinegar Strokes more, not starting Alshon, or Russell Wilson’s short comings. Either way, you lost to a girl.

Sexual Tyrannosaur- 239.55 (W) Vs. Slob on my Cobb- 211.90 (L)

Zeke finally wakes up and helps Sexual Tyrannosaur put up a very sound week. So sound, that he edged out DeAndre Hopkins’ #2 overall WR week, which led Slobb on my Cobb’s team. Slob on my Cobb can’t catch a break as he is leading the category of “Points Against” with 737.10. The next closest? 646.40 (JJ Top Goad Bottom). Almost 100 points. Yikes.


Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 4)

QB: (CHI) MITCH FREAKING TRUBISKY!!! Vs. TB- 85.80 (Dave Trubisky)

RB: (NO) Alvin Kamara Vs. NYG- 59.20 (The Jedi Knights)

RB: (DAL) Ezekiel Elliott Vs. DET- 58.00 (Sexual Tyrannosaur)

WR: (LAR) Cooper Kupp Vs. MIN- 53.40 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

WR: (HOU) DeAndre Hopkins Vs. IND- 49.80 (Slob on my Cobb)

WR: (TEN) Corey Davis Vs. PHI- 47.20 (Mr. McGiblets)

TE: (OAK) Jared Cook Vs. CLE- 42.00 (The Jedi Knights)

K: (NO) Wil Lutz Vs. ATL- 16.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

Def: Green Bay Vs. BUF- 35.00 (???)