Rams Beat the Vikings with an Amazing Jared Goff Game

The Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings had a fantastic battle against each other in week four of the NFL season, with the Rams coming out as the victor. The final score was 38-31. This brings the Rams to a perfect 4-0 record this season and the Vikings drop to 1-2-1. A big factor for this win for the Rams was Jared Goff and how badly he schooled the Vikings defense, which to a lot of fans was sort of surprising. The Rams defense was better even though their opposition scored 31 points. Goff put up good numbers as well recording 26-of-33 for 465 yards and five touchdowns. Cousins also did well but not enough to win with 36-of-50 for 422 yards and three touchdowns, making Goff the winner in their individual showdown. Roberts Woods, a receiver for the Rams, also played a huge part by catching a 31-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter to extend the lead to 10 points.


Rams have one of the best running back in the league in Todd Gurley who currently has the most scrimmage touchdowns in the NFL. With Gurley and Goff playing amazing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them in the super bowl. Just look at what they did to the Vikings, whom last season had one of the best defenses in the entire league. The divisional opponents don’t look like they are ready to compete with them on this type of level. The Seahawks who have a great QB but just haven’t seem to get over the little hill they been having, the 49ers who aren’t the same since Kaepernick kneeled, and the Cardinals who most forget where still a team anymore won’t be able to overtake the Rams and pose any threat when they’re playing at this level.


The Vikings are at the bottom of their division being third only above the Lions who are 1-2. The Lions play the Cowboys next which could be a potential win for them putting them in third and the Vikings in the last place. The Packers, who are second, have Aaron Rodgers whom sports analyst are debating is better than Tom Brady. As for that, I’ll just say look at Brady’s fingers and tell me if you see any skin. Packers are currently 1-1-1 with the Buffalo Bills up next. In first place is the Bears. With a record of 2-1 and the Buccaneers next they can drop to 2-2, but they will still be ahead of every team in the division. Safe to say Vikings might stay in the third seed or might drop, but they aren’t moving up within the next couple of weeks. Vikings fans want to start praying last season’s defense just shows up by next week.