BanterCamp, Inc Civil War: That Was Easy (NBA Edition)

Follow along with the following articles in chronological order (if you haven’t already been tuning in):

…. And now we’re here.


Blake, much like tapping the “easy” button from Staples, “bantering” back and forth with you is one of the same. It’s been fun, though.

Where do I start? The fact that you completely eluded to Russell Westbrook “not” being a rebound stealing, overrated player– went straight to his fashion sense– only makes me more right about your liking of the pop-culture the NBA provides over the actual game itself. Do you even realize that the actual basketball games are being played in between the pre-game fashion show and post-game tweets?

But but but… every sport has pop-culture. Correct. Let me ask, do you like basketball? Like, the actual game? If you do, I suppose you watch for those “little moments” when Russ snags his 10th rebound by cheating down for position to wrestle it away from Steven Adams’ dead cold hands.

Also, I admitted to liking “league news” as well as following said news. Again, mostly, because those long or short term strategies effect then game play by personnel on the court. And Kristaps Porzingis coming back from injury isn’t a “headliner”… A real Gruden “C’mon man” moment, eh?


Let me clear this up. Someone can like the game of basketball without liking the NBA, and it’s not that I hate the NBA, I’m just not a big fan of this particular Golden State Warriors dynasty that tarnishes the rest of the league.

If anything, can we agree that James Harden travels on just about every play (you know, the reigning league MVP)? Can we agree that letting a kid have only 2 steps while a 6’6 professional athlete gets 3, is a joke? Shouldn’t the game be made more difficult for a pro? I could be wrong, I don’t drink the Kool-Aid like a die-hard does either.

You also mentioned the difference of me being a casual fan and you being a die-hard—and like I previously stated, somewhere out there in the ether, is a Nickelback Fan Page for “die-hards”. Of course I can’t talk sense into a die-hard, they’re out of touch. So, if I could get you to come back down to earth, that’d be great. Us “normies” aren’t going to get over zealous about this up and coming NBA season. So, trust the process, pop an Ambien, and get some much needed rest.


Taking “youngsters” to school tuckers me out, so I need some rest as well. Good thing we have these pointless Regular Season NBA games to help put us to sleep. Am I right? Wake me up in May when the playoffs start and the players give more than 75% effort…. And stop reachin’ young blood.


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