NFL: Best Landing Spots For Le’Veon Bell

The Pittsburgh Steelers are accepting offers for holdout, Le’Veon Bell. We’ll have to wait and see if any team is going to sacrifice a high draft pick for potentially less than a full season with Bell.

In my opinion, no team should trade for Bell. First of all, it’s not guaranteed that he’ll play for any team. Second, let him sit this season out and then try to sign him in the offseason. However, if he’s holding out playing under the franchise tag for the Steelers, why would he play for anyone else? The Steelers are the only ones who can give him a long term deal right now. Everyone else would have to wait until after the season.


With all that said, here’s the teams who could use a stud running back like Le’Veon Bell.


Indianapolis Colts

Pairing Andrew Luck with Le’Veon Bell would do wonders for the Colts. They are only averaging 82.3 rushing yards per game. Bell would instantly increase that. Plus he’d be a great target for Luck out of the backfield. Both players would have their values increase substantially. With Bell in the Colts backfield, defenses wouldn’t be able to stack up defensive backs to slow down Andrew Luck’s passing game. Bell would also give Indy a real shot at returning to the postseason. If I’m the Colts, I would definitely consider bringing in Bell, but only if he’s actually going to suit up. That’s the case for any of these teams though.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitz-magic is proving to be a very effective quarterback in this league. I wouldn’t even consider starting Jameis Winston until Fitzpatrick shows signs of decline. Could you imagine what that offense would be if they had a running game? The Bucs are averaging even fewer rushing yards than the Colts at 72.7 per game. Think how good Fitzpatrick or Winston would be with Bell as a safety valve to throw to. The post-season would definitely be a high possibility with a back like Le’Veon.


New England Patriots

We all know how much Tom Brady likes throwing to his RB’s. They’ve got some fine running backs. Although, James White is not Le’Veon Bell. Neither is Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, or anyone else they line up back there. The Pats lack dynamic weapons at the moment. Having Josh Gordon, Gronk, and Le’Veon would haunt defenses before they even took the field. The Pats are averaging 97.7 rushing yards per game. Not terrible, but not great by any means. Le’Veon helps both the running game and passing game. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and the rest of Pats nation have already proved they like pot smoking players (Gordon, LeGarrette Blount). Why not get another in Bell?


Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers love throwing the football down the field. There’s no questioning that and he might be the best at it. That’s a debate for another time. Imagine that Rodgers has a dynamic playmaker in the backfield. Insert Le’Veon Bell. Not only does he increase Green Bay’s lowly 89 rushing yards per game, but he gives Rodgers an elite pass catcher out of the backfield. Rodgers has never had a great pass catching running back. Rodgers, who many say is the best QB in the league, would be even better with Le’Veon.


Like I said before, I wouldn’t give up too much for Le’Veon Bell just because there’s no guarantee he sticks around, or even plays this season. But these teams should at least kick the tires. A player like Le’Veon turns any of these teams into a contender… overnight.


Proceed with caution.


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