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Why Fall is the Best Time of Year

By: Jonathan Goad

This past Saturday was officially the start of Fall, and it sure felt like it, at least here in Mid Missouri it did. Fall, more specifically October, is the best time of year for sports fans and here’s why.

October is the only time when all four major sports are in season.

nfl fall

The NFL is in full swing and the playoff race is being set up as teams know who they are and what they have to do by October’s end to secure that spot. At this point in the season, we usually have a pretty good indication of which teams are the contenders. As for the middle of the road teams, well, they’re figuring out that they may need a little luck to end up in the playoffs. However, there is still a lot of season left, and no one will be eliminated from contention yet.

astros world series

Major League Baseball will be entering the playoffs once October rolls around. This is the best time for baseball except if your team didn’t make it. Playoff baseball is possibly my favorite time regardless if my team makes it in or not. The atmosphere changes during the playoffs, and there’s something magical about each playoff team having a chance to win a World Series.


The NHL regular season will just be getting underway at the beginning of October. For hockey fans, this is a long time coming. The few months since the Stanley Cup playoffs seem like a lifetime. Fans will finally get to see their new players in uniform and get a glimpse of how their team will be this season.


Lastly, the NBA regular season also gets started in October. Similar to the NHL, this time of year is welcomed with open arms for basketball fans.

There are other events happening during this time as well. College football is well underway with most teams playing well into their conference schedules. High school football teams are usually closing up their regular seasons and heading to district play. You could watch football from Thursday through Monday, if you really wanted to. Thursday night features the NFL. Friday night is for high school football. Saturday is filled with college games. The NFL has Sunday taken care of, and then Monday night football wraps up the weekly football schedule. Sounds like a great run of 5 days to me.


For some, all that may be enough. But for others, they’ve got NASCAR to watch as well. The Playoffs begins in the middle of September, so once the calendar hits October, the NASCAR playoffs are in full swing.


Bow season has started by this point as well. So whether you enjoy getting out in the woods, sitting on your couch or in the bleachers at your favorite stadium, there’s plenty to get involved in.

There’s never a shortage of sporting events to watch or participate in during the Fall. If you can’t find something to get excited about, that’s your own fault— There’s plenty to get amped for.

If nothing else, enjoy the weather. High temperatures in the 60’s is my kind of heaven.

Don’t take October (or Fall) for granted. There’s a plethora of storylines to follow throughout all the sporting events taking place during this beautiful time of year. Get out and take full advantage before that wintry chill sets in… or don’t, just stay in and watch the never ending cycle of sports that that this time of year yields.

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