The NFL (No Fun League) Strikes Again

Dear NFL,

When exactly did you decide to make football less “football”? For the longest time, no one, including referees, knew what a catch was. And honestly, those were better days.

Now, players are penalized for tackling… “too hard”. What the hell is the deal with that? Football is a violent sport. It always has been. Guess what? The people who play football understand that there is a risk of injury— sometimes serious, when they decide to lace them up.

Your bogus rules have cost the Packers a victory.

Clay Matthews hit on Kirk Cousins microseconds after he released the ball (which was intercepted by the way), cost Green Bay in the end. After the ridiculous penalty was called, the Vikings drove down the field and tied the game up. That led to a tie, which is another awful rule, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Clay Matthews has been called for roughing the passer three times this season in three games. He had been called for this particular type of penalty only four times in his first 127 games. He’s obviously not a dirty player. He’s upset about it, rightfully so, and so is most of the NFL fan base. If these calls continue, I’m sure that same fan base will dwindle, significantly.

After viewing this video several times, I still can’t find anything wrong with Matthews’ hit on Alex Smith. That looks like a good tackle. There’s no helmet to helmet contact. It was a hard hit but not malicious by anyone’s standards, other than the NFL’s. That’s the type of hit we want linebackers and defensive lineman to make when sacking an opposing quarterback and why Left Tackles are paid so much money (protecting the blind side of the quarterback).

Your rule of “putting all the weight on the quarterback” is downright ridiculous. How do you expect tackles to be made? Like this?

Or maybe that’s even too rough.

Maybe this is better.

Advocating for player safety is fine, but don’t take away one of the things we love about football. The current NFL is designed for offense. The fantasy owner in me loves that, but deep down, I love defensive football. That includes seeing linebackers wreak havoc on quarterbacks. The best way to beat QBs is to get in their face regularly and knock them down any chance you get. It’s no wonder that quarterback numbers are through the roof. They can’t be touched anymore.

If this trend continues, you’re going to lose me as a fan and I guarantee I won’t be the only one. I know of several people who don’t watch the NFL anymore because it has become a joke. Penalties for hitting too hard? Give me a break! This isn’t peewee football. In peewee, they’re allowed to tackle. These are grown men. Let them be men and do whatever they can to help their team win. At this point, they might as well take the pads off and play flag football. Stop being so damn soft, NFL!



Jonathan Goad

P.S. – Your stupid rules have cost a defensive player the rest of the season.

William Hayes tore his ACL trying to follow your rules. There isn’t a natural way to tackle without putting weight on the person your tackling. Accept that before more players get hurt not playing 100% or by trying to land in a unnatural way.