BanterCamp, Inc’s Fantasy Football League Round-up/ Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 3)

Vinegar Strokes- 198.35 (W) Vs. Taco Corp- 174.75 (L)

Vinegar Strokes… his way to Victory like a 14 year old boy feeling “funny” for the first time, posting a solid week over Taco Corp. Taco Corp proves to be a 2 pump-loss chump after opening the season with a “W”. Leading the charge for Vinegar Strokes was none other than #1 overall WR to-date, Michael Thomas followed up with some Fitz-Magic who’s the #2 QB to date. If that isn’t a recipe for “winning”, I don’t know what is. Congrats on that first “W” Vinegar Strokes.


Mr. McGiblets- 211.40 (W) Vs. The Jedi Knights- 203.10 (L)

The Missouri Pizza Company (Located in St. James, MO) Match-up of the Week, goes to Mr. McGiblets, as he edges out, the STACKED, Jedi Knights. McGiblets and his purple fur was led by perennial HOF’er Drew Brees posting numbers good enough for this week’s top QB in the ever so coveted “Perfect Weekly Line-Up”. Brees is also the #1 QB after 3 weeks. “That’s a good pick”, McGiblets and thanks for handing The Jedi Knights a loss, because I don’t see too much losing going on with that roster. Rostering this week’s #1 RB in Alvin Kamara with Melvin Gordon at RB2, and record setting Mahomes, you shouldn’t see much too many losses. Chalk this one up as an outlier.


JJ Top Goad Bottom- 220.50 (W) Vs. Sexual Tyrannosaur- 196.80 (L)

JJ Top Goad Bottom, advances to 2-1 after the defeat of Sexual Tyrannosaur (1-2). Led by his stellar WR corps, JJ Top Goad Bottom, is starting JuJu Smith-Schuster, Adam Thielen, and AJ Green he’s going to be tough going forward. Though he does have some major holes at the RB position due to Bell not only holding out on, The Steelers, but JJ Top Goad Bottom as well. As for Sexual Tyrannosaur, he has essentially taken two losses this week. Once in the “BanterCamp, Inc Civil War”, the other- week 3 of Fantasy Football. Though he does roster Robert Woods who was the WR3 on the “Perfect Weekly Line-Up”… those points (45.40 to be exact) looked great on the bench.

Non-generic Teamname aka Zachs Team- 193.30 (W) Vs. Dave Trubisky- 166.05 (L)

Ol’ slick, (Non-generic Teamname) thinks he’s funny about said “Team name”, he’s not. Mitch’s dad, loses to this guy above. Be better, Dave.

Slob on my Cobb- 197.25 (W) Vs. Vaginal Hubris- 187.25 (L)

Slob on my Cobb puts up solid week in a “tight one” against Vaginal Hubris. Winning, even though he benched 2 of the 3 top WR’s in the “Perfect Weekly Line-Up”. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, grit your teeth, and swing hard… eventually you’ll get a hit, and that what Slob on my Cobb did for his FIRST win. Both teams go to 1-2 as this was a real “barn burner” of who could be worse.



Perfect Weekly Line-Up (Week 3)

QB: (NO) Drew Brees Vs. ATL- 88.20 (Mr. McGiblets)

RB: (NO) Alvin Kamara Vs. ATL- 53.00 (The Jedi Knights)

RB: (CAR) Christian McCaffrey Vs. CIN- 40.80 (Non-generic Teamname aka Zachs Team)

WR: (ATL) Calvin Ridley Vs. NO- 56.00 (Slob on my Cobb)

WR: (OAK) Jordy Nelson Vs. MIA- 46.60 (Slob on my Cobb)

WR: (LAR) Robert Woods Vs. LAC- 45.40 (Sexual Tyrannosaur)

TE: (PIT) Vance McDonald Vs. TB- 32.40 (Waivers)

K: (NO) Wil Lutz Vs. ATL- 15.00 (JJ Top Goad Bottom)

Def: Buffalo Bills??? Vs. MIN- 25.00 (Waivers)