The 2018 NFL Rookie class has officially checked in: Saquon Barkley, Kerryon Johnson….

So far, week 3 of the NFL season has been odd. The same Detroit team that lost to Sam Darnold and the New York Jets just upset Tom Brady and Company. And an even bigger head scratcher of week 3– the Buffalo Bills defeating an early Super Bowl favorite in the Minnesota Vikings. The Cleveland Browns get their first “W” in 635 day. Illuminati? If not them, then who?


I’ll tell you who—the 2018 NFL Rookie class, that’s who.

Matt Patricia finally tracked down the elusive win he desperately needed. The “W” came against none other than his previous team who he spent 14 years with, the New England Patriots. Knowing Bellichick’s schemes, I would assume, played a role in this victory. However, what helped was establishing a solid ground game. That ground game was led by Rookie, Kerryon Johnson with 101 yards on 16 totes. Johnson is averaging a whopping 5.55 yards a carry, with week 3 being the first week that he as been given double digit carries. Patricia put together a winning recipe and if he’s smart (He is. He’s wicked “smaaaat” and could’ve been a rocket scientist) then he’ll continue to follow said recipe. Knowing Bill’s system or not, you just beat the Pat’s. Keep it simple and continue giving this kid the rock, its working. After all, it’s football, not rocket science.

You know its weird when the largest upset of the week isn’t the Patriots losing. Nope. It was the Buffalo Bills defeating the Minnesota Vikings. Led by Rookie QB Josh Allen, in his 2nd career start. First off, let me get started by thanking Joshua for simply being on the field. If he’s not out there, then I don’t have to watch Peterman try to pull off his best Uncle Rico impression. Allen led the Bills to a 27-6 win over Kirk Cousins with 15 completions on 22 attempts and 196 passing yards with 1 TD. He also topped this off with 39 rushing yards on 10 carries, with 1 of those carries being a highlight real chain mover. Allen really impressed with his “get it done” style of play. I like this kid.


Baker Mayfield. Writing about this guy’s performance could be an article all by itself… oh wait. It is. Here is said article— … You’re welcome, and congrats on that win, Cleveland.

Another team just celebrated their first win for the year, the New York Giants. Normally, this would be an “insert Odell stat line here”, but not anymore. There’s a new Sherriff in town and his name is Saquon Barkley. Barkley has amassed 353 total yards with 2 TD’s in his first 3 games. A true, 3 down, feature back, Barkley is averaging 4.7 yards per carry– That’s amazing considering his early workload. Saquon, keep doing Saquon things, like making decisive decisions, breaking off “chunk” yardage, and snubbing Odell Beckham Jr on your TD celebrations.


Speaking of TD’s, Calvin Ridley had the most impressive stat line of all rookies up to this point in week 3. Ridley went for 146 yards on 7 receptions and 3 TOUCHDOWNS. 3! Though Ridley and The Falcons fell short to The Saints—The Saints got a front row seat to his “coming out party”. Keep an eye out for this guy. Since his catch-less week 1, he’s done nothing but impress.