Pencil it in, put the name on the trophy– Baker Mayfield WILL win ROTY honors.

He was “too” short. Wasn’t “good” enough to initially get an athletic scholarship, forcing him to walk-on… twice (First, Texas Tech. Then OU). Started his collegiate career as a back-up, but not for long, as he won the starting job and stayed the starter for 3 years at the University of Oklahoma. He wins The Heisman his Senior Year. Gets drafted #1 overall… and then?… Brings home a much needed win to a team that hasn’t seen one since December 13, 2016 (First win in 20 games).

Over-reaction– it was the New York Jets, get real, right? Wrong. The guy was inserted into the game with 1:42 on the clock on his side of the field, down by 14 points. Prior, there was no offensive flow, no excitement, just dumpster fire football. On his first drive he made something out of nothing and went for roughly 47 yards on 3 of 4 completions. The drive ended in Cleveland’s first points when the kicker not named Gonzalez put it through the uprights. Though he didn’t finish it all the way, it was electric. The fans were back into it. The Jets were back pedaling. This was feel good football.

In just a hair over 2 quarters Baker went for 17 of 23 passing with 201 yards and a 2-point reception on the ol’ Philly Special to tie the game up at 14 a piece– No TD’s, no interceptions. You could see the preparation with every throw or how in-tune he was while on the sideline. Reviewing coverages, finding soft spots. This guy is good at football and finally Tyrod Taylor takes his appropriate position as a back-up QB in the NFL.


After several failed attempts and countless first round draft picks, I believe the Browns have found their franchise QB. Baker was everything a team could want and played with poise in his rookie debut. He was decisive, accurate and put plenty of zip on the ball to get it where it needed to be. The Wide Receivers had two terrible drops that would’ve added another 30 yards or so to his stat line– still didn’t stop Mayfield from producing. Like a seasoned vet he fought through the adversity and continually made everyone around him better.

Open your eyes people, because Baker Mayfield is dropping dimes and about to take this league by storm. A Hall Of Fame QB (Troy Aikman) whom was announcing called the comeback and was emphasizing that the Jets needed to put a drive together or Baker was going to win this game. I don’t know about you, but when a HOF’er is giving praise to such a young guy, we should listen.

“I like his moxy” Hall Of Fame QB Troy Aikman said of Baker Mayfield.


Baker and The Browns have The Raiders next week in Oakland. I can’t wait to see how he performs with an entire week practicing with the 1’s on a longer break, instead of a short week. He’s going for over 300 and at least 2 TD’s. Calling it. Baker Mayfield—Rookie Of The Year.

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