New England knows the odds in this poker game called the NFL

The brilliance of Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, and the rest of the assembled back office staff continues in Boston, Massachusetts. New England fans don’t know what it’s like for their franchise to make lousy decisions— much different from their counterpart in their most recent trade transaction (The Cleveland Browns). That transaction consisted of Josh Gordon and a flip of late picks that were essentially one round apart.

Talk about “risk vs reward”?! Josh Gordon, you know… the guy who went for 1,646 yards on 87 catches in only 14 games played during his 2013 campaign. Josh Gordon, you know… the guy who stands at 6 foot, 3 inches tall, weighs in at roughly 225 lbs, and runs like a gazelle. The guy has #1 overall WR kind of upside. How do I know this? He’s done it already in the aforementioned 2013 NFL season in which he, again, ONLY PLAYED 14 games.

To be fair though, he (Gordon) did have some greats tossing him the ball behind center while playing for the Browns— Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell, and many many others. These guys would be great poster boys for a solid “Where Are They Now?” segment.


Does he still have “it”? I don’t know, did you see how obvious the Browns tried “not” going his way (3 targets)? Yet, still produces a highlight, with his lone catch in week 1—an unbelievable 17 yard TD grab in “crunch time”.

Sure, he’s had some off the field issues, but that’s what makes this possible marriage between him and Belichick such a fairytale– A story similar to this one, was exactly that (see Randy Moss, 07, 08, 09 ). You don’t think Bill will/has set clear expectations from jump street? Absolutely. You know the difference between listening to Belichick and the New England Organization over Hue Jackson and the Cleveland organization? 7 Super Bowl wins and 10 Super Bowl appearances, with Belichick being a part of 5 of those wins. Bill has won more Super Bowl Rings than Hue has regular season wins in the last THREE seasons. Did I mention a reward for complying with team rules would be getting to catch passes from the GOAT, Tom Brady. If that isn’t enough to reign this bull in, he a lost cause.

Speaking of “lost cause”. What if he doesn’t pan out? Bill and Company ONLY have to wait an approximate 30 something picks to take a guy that no one was looking at anyhow. THAT, and if injury or some sort of non-compliance issue arises, and Gordon doesn’t play more than 10 games this season, New England keeps their 5th rounder– only costing them their 7th. Rewind back to the 2000 Draft in this scenario and the Pats still “get their guy” in the 6th— Tom Brady.

Worst case for the Pats? Gordon stays on the team, uninjured, and doesn’t produce—making the Pats give up their 5th rounder for the Browns 7th rounder.

Best case for the Pats? Tom Brady’s best statistical season at the ripe age of 40. Due to bringing in another RedZone threat whom can also take the top off, coupled with Edelman underneath and Gronk doing Gronk things. All for delaying a late round pick.