Constructing the perfect QB– Did we get it right?

We all have our favorites. We have our opinions on who the GOAT is and quite frankly, we’re set in our ways. But what if… what if we could assemble our own Frankenstein of a QB? Taking the best of what some of the All-Time Greats had to offer and like a puzzle, construct the perfect QB.


Peyton Manning (The Brain)

Manning was a coach on the field. An offensive master-mind. Just when a defensive coordinator thought they had him pegged… Omaha, Omaha!.. and just like that, the chains were moving. Unathletic, and some how made a living throwing ducks as a professional QB in the NFL? This was a testament of his efforts off the field. The Greg Maddux of the NFL. Manning was going to beat teams by out-smarting them. There’s a reason for that oversized head of his?


Drew Brees (The Eyes)

To date, the most accurate passer of All-Time (67.1%). Which is ungodly due to one main reason. How pass happy Sean Payton’s offensive system has been, in a modern NFL pass happy league. The more attempts, one would think completion percentages would drop. Not Brees. His eyes are always up, running through progressions, scanning and sending the pigskin to its next destination with pinpoint accuracy right into his flavor of the week’s hands.


Aaron Rodgers (The Arm)

The current all-time leader in passer rating at 103.9. The next guy below him? Russell Wilson at 98.50. Everyone below Wilson—within fractions to only a single point away from another on the “All-Time” chart. Rodgers, a sound 5.4 points ahead of the next guy below him (Wilson). Are you comprehending what I am telling you? The man throws dimes. If you don’t know what the make-up of a passer rating is (insert, corny discount double check joke here), it’s comprised of passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions– Essentially all things that make a Quarterback, a Quarterback. And Statistically that arm is the most efficient arm in NFL history.


Cam Newton (Core)

Have you seen him? Case closed.


Michael Vick (Legs)

Shocker. I know. Mike Vick was positively the elite of all “scrambling” QB’s. Another #1 on an All-Time list—he amassed 6,109 yards on the ground throughout his 13 year career with most of that coming in his earlier years. That career rushing total tops the likes of Reggie Bush’s, and is on par with Larry Johnson’s if that helps put things into perspective. Vick was a human joystick and has some of the most electrifying highlights us fans have ever seen.


Tom Brady (The Heart)

Look into those ice-cold eyes. It’s the first time I’ve ever been attracted to what could possibly be a real-life cold-blooded killer. In all seriousness, TB12, was an underdog. He’s quite possibly one of the most unathletic people in the League… including ref’s (have you seen Ed Hochuli?) and kickers.



Yet, the guy gets it done out of sheer will and determination night in and night out. Hands down, the most clutch QB ever— Tommy has ice in his veins. There’s also something to be said about being the QB with the most Super Bowl rings (5). We love you Tom.