Alex Smith? Never heard of her.

By: Keith Miller

Alex Smith? Never heard of her. She’s a He? He’s a she? Finkle is Einhorn? Einhorn is Finkle?… kidding, though it should be hard to hear anything over the “Patrick Mahomes” chants– or lack thereof.


I get it, Alex Smith provided a blanket of comfort for Chief’s fans during his tenure in Kansas City. You didn’t have the “pucker factor” of not knowing if he was going to take an unnecessary risk– because he took zero risks. Any bad plays could be blamed on the coaching staff, and if not them, the sub-par receiving corps.

Now, let’s take a closer look. In 2014, Smith’s Touchdown passes were as exclusive as “”, in the fact that anyone on that WR corps “WERE NOT” farmers—Zero TD passes were thrown to a single Wide Receiver that year. ZERO.

He also never got the Chiefs past the first game of the playoffs (which isn’t entirely his fault– it’s an unwavering KC tradition to get stuck there). Led by a strong defense, through most of his tenure with the Chiefs, it’s my opinion, the best thing he did for the organization was to allow the Chiefs an opportunity to build its offense around a “Franchise” QB. Unfortunately for him, he was/is not “said” QB.

It took me a while to feel comfortable with Patrick Mahomes, but the confidence that this Chiefs team has shown in him, is a deciding factor for me. Obviously, results are the end all, be all, but for his entire team to rally around him and force him into a leadership role, speaks volumes.


As a Chiefs fan, I’m officially invested in him (Mahomes). I could sulk in the self-pity that encompasses our pass defense, or I can jump on the Mahomes train and ride it out until he gives me a reason not to? As long as he produces, KC can rebuild their defense and become a force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, the time is now. Kansas City fans and doubters need to drop the “Alex Smith was a saint” act and start putting their faith in the new face of KC– Patrick Mahomes. He has the support of his team, and the coaching staff, he has put up literal “historic” numbers in the first two games of the season. His receiving corps is the best that KC has had in years (7 different players catching a TD in just these first two games—very different from Smith’s 2014 season). The threat he brings across the entire field is there, and opponents are very aware of this now.

All of Week 2 TD passes:

Is he a risk taker? You bet. Is he a lot of fun to watch? Absolutely. Will he have you taking a chunk out of your seat from time to time? Yep. But if I was a gambling man, I’d put money on him getting Kansas City past the first round in the playoffs in the very near future (to be more specific, within his first three years). His strong start to the season only solidifies my new approach to Patrick Mahomes Acceptance, which is a movement I think all of Kansas City should get on board with. Let Alex Smith help rebuild the Redskins. After all, it’s what “she’s” good at…