Vontae Davis Is A Quitter You Should Aspire To Quit Too.

By: Blake Probert

It’s halftime of the afternoon games on Sunday, and I can already hear the hot take industrial complex warming up to lay into Vontae Davis. They’ll say he abandoned his team. That he let the people counting on him down.

Here’s my take– Good for him.

In this moment, the multi-million dollar athlete has never been more like the working man. If you’ve never been trapped in a crappy low paying job, that’s great. You’ve never stood dejectedly as the drive thru back up and the ice cream machine broke? Never looked out over a mass of angry customers while someone had a meltdown at the register on Black Friday? Never listened to you coworker, Ace, explain how the government is run by the Lizard People? That rules for you. Many of us have, and I guarantee you this: we all fantasized about having enough money to leave those problems and crappy coworkers behind.

So, at halftime of the Bills-Chargers game with the score 28 to 3 in favor of the Chargers, Davis decided to live the American Dream. He remembered he’d made $53 million in his NFL career and didn’t have to keep putting up with this. The Bills could “take this job and shove it”.

im out

Buffalo has no real ambitions this year beyond a high draft pick, after all. THEY ACTIVELY CHOSE TO START NATHAN PETERMAN!! Davis himself was likely signed as nothing more than window dressing to help cover this fact up.

“We signed a veteran at a cheap price. He’ll be competent and mentor the young guys! Savvy move by us, right?”

fake applause


I say good for Davis; seeing through the charade. The man had too much pride to keep showing up to a butt kicking for 14 more weeks. Get out while you’re healthy and enjoy your money, Vontae. A bunch of people will stand around at a job they hate next week saying they’d never do what you did. But, it’s mostly because they’ll never get the chance to.