Connor, Making It An Easy Decision For The Steelers: Le’Veon Bell Hold-Out

By Payton Woolsey

So, what exactly is Le’von Bell doing? Other than making trash rap music and talking about how he’s the best in the NFL, yet he clearly isn’t named Todd Gurley or David Johnson. Hes turning down more money each week than last years rushing leader will make this entire year…. plus 100k.

I’m aware that yes, Bell has “paid” his dues. He also has a top 6(ish?) QB, along with who else?… hmm.. what’s his name?…  Oh yeah, Antonio Brown. They both have to get paid too. Both probably worth more or just as much to that team as well.

You want rings? Ask the Patriots how they do it (other than fondling balls). Pssst.. they get decent running backs for cheap.

You want a Todd Gurley contract? Go play for a team where you ARE the offense. If Gurley goes down do the rams make the playoffs? That’s laughable to even consider. The Steelers? The odds dont change much with or without Bell. Connor ate against both, the Browns and against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers have put up some crazy numbers in weeks 1 and 2. So the Offense is fine– They need a defense.

Bell has made his choice, though he has a song, “In It To Win It”, he’s only “in it” for himself. Win or lose, he is clearly going to go full Carmelo Anthony here and go to the highest bidder.

Le’Veon has helped the Steelers realize something. And that is that they are in serious need of an overhaul. They need to lose some baggage. And making yourself an obvious cancer to the team helps make those choices.

Yes, there has been big time games where Bell was racking up the yards… when Antonio is being double covered deep and the dogs rush, and try to sack a low key elusive Big Ben.

It’s easy to burn a middle linebacker on a shallow cross route. Ask Ju-Ju, who is playing great despite not being a millionaire yet. I dont get how that’s possible unless.. he just.. really enjoys the agony of being a professional football player for a “job” whom still makes a significant amount more than your “Average Joe”.

His agent has gassed him up and when he hits the market next year it’ll be laughable. Hes gonna end up with the Cardinals.. wait.. no the Rams- oh yea..umm..maybe like.. the Texans? I think if J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins both retire that should leave enough space for the 500 million and annual Bugatti that Bell seems to think he’s worth.. right? They wouldn’t win shit But my God wouldn’t it be a thrill to watch him run for them? Sitting there like a moron waiting for a hole to open up.. but this time it doesnt.. getting crushed each play.  “Coach… where’s my line? Wheres the hole?!” A pause…”Well, Mr. Bell they said not to take it personal, but each of them wanted one of the Hawaiian islands as a sign on bonus.. so they are sitting out.. by the way, there is a bone sticking out of your leg.” Le’veon faints, as the trainers rush over to him he can be heard whispering, “get…that…money…”