Fantasy Football: What We Know After Week 1 (Recap, Start/Sit Advice Week 2)

Whether you are celebrating your Week 1 Fantasy victory or reeling after a tough loss; you’ll need to be vigilant in your Week 2 approach.

By The BanterCamp Fantasy Football Experts

Aaron Rodgers is the G.O.A.T. Article over. Kidding. Anyway, some key indicators of what could come next for the extent of the NFL season.

Let’s start with the obvious and easy, Defenses, or lack thereof. Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and the L.A. Rams are all still elite.

Avoid these Defenses at all costs except for some studs, even then, I think playing some “studs” is more of a gut feeling and won’t gasp at “not” playing said “stud.”

What got into the New York Jets last night? Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions still don’t know what hit them. Keep on eye on that Jets D in the coming weeks.

Contrary to that, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, and Kansas City Chiefs are 3 Defenses you’ll want to start EVERYONE when matched up.

A sub-par Offense (Cincinnati Bengals) put up 243 yards through the air and 101 yards on the ground against the Colts, led by Joe Mixon and…. Andy Dalton? If the Red Rocket can do it, Uncle Rico surely can as well.

This goes for the Saints and Chiefs as well. Mr. Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick (Whom I want to be friends with), went absolute bonkers throwing for 417 yards on a 75% completion rate! Against none other than a supposed “improved” Defense of the Saints. Let me reiterate, Fitzpatrick… A Back-up.

Lastly, the Chiefs Defense. Who didn’t eat their fill in this game? Phillip Rivers (424 yards-3 TD’s), Keenan Allen (8-108 yards- 1 TD), WR2 Mike Williams (5-81 yards), Melvin Gordon (9-102 rec. yards/ 15-64 rush yards), and back up RB Austin Ekeler (5-87 rec. yards/ 5- 39 rush yards/ 1 TD).

Two Defensive Units that are on the cusp of “greatness,” or at least showed promise from Week 1, Bears and Ravens. With the addition of Khalil Mack and what just transpired last night against Rodgers, they may be a new “every week” option. It’s Aaron Rodgers, keep your head up Chicago.

As for the Ravens, are they still a firm foundation of solid defense like they have been the past decade or was it attributed to what could be the worst team in the NFL?


Saquon Barkley. He’s special. He rushed for 106 yards on 18 carries and 1 TD against the highly touted #1 Ranked Defense (Jacksonville Jaguars). Likewise, Odell Beckham Jr. went for 111 yards on 11 receptions… against Jalen Ramsey. Big things to come for these two New York Giants Teammates as opposing D’s can’t ONLY key on OBJ or Barkley. Pick your poison.

Next Post: Le’Veon Bell who?

George Kittle. Served as a more than a reliable security blanket for ole’ Jimmy G, posting 5 catches for 90 yards against the woeful Vikings Defense.

Julio Jones. Also, see Race Horse. Also, see Super Human. The ONLY bright spot in an awful season opener led by piss poor coaching/play calling of Steve Sarkisian. The BEST Defenses can’t stop a guy like Julio, the ONLY person stopping Julio is Sarkisian.