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Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Sports, 9/11, Liberals, and Conservatives — Oh, my! 

Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling controversy reveals just how far our nation has divided since the tragic day of September 11, 2001.

To kneel, or not to kneel? THAT is the question.

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Or it isn’t.

I challenge you to challenge yourself and read this with an open mind.

At BanterCamp, our focus isn’t politics. It’s sports. It’s humor. Anything that our readers/followers can escape that categorical realm, due to it being shoved in our faces every second of every day. Time and Place.

It’s 9/11, so here’s our ONE “hot take.” After this, we can all agree to move on with our lives? Great.

Do you have a favorite team? Do you find yourself always rooting for the “underdog?” From High School, all the way to the pros, a good portion of us have someone or some team that we cheer for.

Sports is sewn into the fabric of our existence (roughly 15,300 years ago according to Wikipedia), which is why I can assume that I am correct in assuming that “most” people follow some sport, athlete, or team.

That and according to, the Global Sports Market is a 90 billion dollar Industry. That’s legit proof that we as sports enthusiasts are in the majority for those whiners that say “but not everyone likes sports, what do you have to say for them?”

Easy. I have NOTHING to say to them. They probably couldn’t hear me over the loud clatter of coffee cups, spoons, and espresso machines from “this really cool” coffee shop that they always go to, anyway — so, let me digress.

Picture this. You’re in front of your T.V., at a bar, or maybe even physically at a game. Deep down, you’re rooting for whatever team, athlete, or person that your eyes are currently fixated on. You want that kid to win the National Spelling Bee, or for Mark McGwire to break the home run record.

Perhaps you’re rooting your current/old (depending on your age) high school or college Alma Mater. You get the picture. Whomever that person is cheering alongside you, you’re on the same team. You’ve found common ground.

Your team wins on a buzzer beater! You both screech with joy, slap hands and hug!

For that moment, you’re not titled as only Democrat (Liberal). You’re not labeled as only a Republican (Conservative). Nor just a Muslim. Nor only a Christian. You’re the same as the other person cheering ever so passionately alongside you. Let’s not continue to spoil this and bring politics into something so pure, so uniting. Sport brings us together.

All of this being said, superstar athletes do have a responsibility in being role models. As for you and I, we are all so much more than just our “jobs,” whether it’s dribbling a ball (I see you Lebron), digging a ditch, crunching numbers, or writing sub-par articles like this one.

We are all entitled to our opinions. That is what makes America great.

For those of you who say the good ole’ US of A isn’t, get a grip. You’re truly out of touch, and I won’t accommodate an argument. However, and I’m trying to use my words carefully, so they are not misconstrued, there are positive ways to convey a message and am doing my best to stay neutral.

We are all adults. So, let’s call a “spade” a “spade.” Conservatives/ Republicans, THEY AREN’T KNEELING TO BE DISRESPECTFUL, they are kneeling to bring light on another issue. I know, some of you still see it as being disrespectful and do not/ cannot see a scenario where it is ever ok to do what is/has been done during the anthem protests.

Liberals/ Democrats, IF THE MESSAGE YOU ARE TRYING TO SEND IS WIDELY BEING MISUNDERSTOOD AND CAUSES FURTHER DIVISIVENESS, THEN WHY CONTINUE? It’s like talking to two little kids, one is self righteous, and the other is an asshole… and both only want their way.

I’ve seen conservatives use a clip of Colin Kaepernick to further an agenda…

…then turn around and bash the same guy. Same goes for liberals. Rather than rationally coming together, genuinely looking at one another’s perspective with respect.

Think of it this way. Is it more helpful to be convincing and get someone to agree with you, or is it merely more useful to “BE RIGHT”? Personally, I’m trying to persuade someone in the opposing aisle, rather piss them off and NEVER see my point of view.

Even if factual, that person won’t conform out of spite and my agenda of getting someone to think the way I do is destroyed. Look at the forms of communication that these athletes have (millions of followers).

Let’s use Lebron, look at the publicity he just stirred up.

No kneeling necessary. For those that want to shout at him (Lebron) for having his own opinion, we’ve already covered this. Start from the top and read again, you’re an asshole.

On to the next. Nike. Boys and Girls, this isn’t a political statement. This isn’t Bad vs. Good. This is about the money.

If Nike is about discrimination and inequality why pay someone millions of dollars year after year to promote your product, instead of giving it back to the REAL injustices and inequalities of sweatshops and slave labor.

I’m not only talking about Kaep’s endorsement deal but the other superstars that are making millions as well. As for Kaep, I don’t agree with everything you do or say, but I commend and respect that you have called both sides out.

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” even it means standing up to Nike and losing it all #JustDoIt.

In remembrance of 9/11. Thank you to all who have served. Thank you to the families that have lost fathers, mothers, husband’s, wives, sons, daughter’s, aunt’s, uncles, and dear friends.

For those of you have sacrificed more memories of what could have been, or missed out on who he/she would be right now. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice.

They sacrificed, so we have freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom to protest, etc. Let’s be responsible with these freedoms.

Next Post: Nike kneels with Colin Kaepernick

After all, because of these freedoms, I can walk up to you and tell you, “Your mom is smoking hot,” but that doesn’t mean the consequence won’t mean me getting jacked with a right hook, right in the face.


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