St. Louis Cardinals: The Rally Squirrel strikes again

After a sizzling August, the St. Louis Cardinals cooled-off and were heading in the wrong direction — until a familiar friend showed up just in the nick of time.

The St. Louis Cardinals were in the midst of a two-game losing streak and on the verge of being swept by the lowly Detroit Tigers — with the power of Matt Carpenter‘s salsa undoubtedly starting to wear off.

Then, the Redbirds caught lightning in a bottle once again; partying like it was 2011.

That’s right, the Rally Squirrel is back.

Adam Wainwright experienced a bit of deja vu, where he had a front-seat view of the Rally Squirrel once again.

“I said it right after that squirrel came out there. ‘Rally squirrel.’ “The power of the rally squirrel. It’s amazing. We need more mascots. The rally squirrel, rally cat, rally salsa.”

MLB players are more than a little ‘stitious, they are superstitious — with the Cardinals embracing the craze more than most.

Late in the 2011 campaign, the St. Louis Cardinals were dead in the water in the National League Wild Card standings.

During a nationally televised game against the defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies, a random squirrel got loose on the field.

Naturally, the rodent’s antics went viral; then coincidentally, the Cardinals went on an epic surge, overcoming a 10 1/2 game deficit in the NL Wild Card standings — leapfrogging the Braves on the last day of the 2011 season.

The Rally Squirrel was then adopted by the fanbase and given credit for the improbable 2011 World Series run.

Flashforward seven years and the Rally Squirrel is back; right when the Cardinals need him the most.

More than winning games, the Squirrel sparked the Cardinals fanbase that was reeling and reverting to their old “fire the manager” demands after a handful of disappointing losses.

Now, with 19 games left in the season, fans have restored faith in their team.

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With the supernatural ability of the salsa and the good luck of the rally squirrel, the St. Louis Cardinals are poised to make some noise in the 2018 MLB Postseason, with a bit of lady luck on their side.