Pittsburgh Steelers: Le’Veon Bell who?

By: Jonathan Goad

James Conner is making Pittsburgh Steelers fans and players forget all about Le’Veon Bell. The front office has to be weighing their options with the breakout of the backup running back.

As you know by now, Le’Veon Bell is still holding out. Now, after Sunday’s game, he may be expendable — because James Conner tore up the Cleveland defense.

Conner finished with 31 carries for 135 yards and two touchdowns. He also added five catches for 57 yards…very Le’Veon Bell-like numbers.

The Steelers offensive line seems to have forgotten who Le’Veon Bell is. Did he ever play in the NFL?

Maybe they were sending a message to Bell.

Perhaps, they were just stoked for Conner’s first career touchdown.

Either way, Le’veon Bell has to see that and wonder if his days as a Steeler are numbered.

If I’m the Steelers, I definitely explore trade options. There has to be plenty of teams needing an elite talent like Bell, and the return could be monumental.

Or it could be minimal considering Bell’s demands. But getting something for him now is much better than Bell leaving in the offseason for nothing.

For those fantasy footballers who either drafted Conner as a handcuff or grabbed him off the waiver wire, well done, if you started him. Although, you should have known you could trust Conner.

After Week 1, James Conner might have had the most surprising performance in the league. Although, Ryan Fitzpatrick might have something to say about that.

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As long as Bell is off the field, keep plugging Conner in. He should see a similar volume as long as he’s the starter. Talk about making the most out of an opportunity…

Although, it’s safe to say that Le’Veon Bell has James Conner beat in one area though. Hairstyle.

I don’t even know what to call that, but don’t hold it against him. There aren’t negative points for a bad haircut in most fantasy football leagues, but maybe there should be…