New England Patriots: Bill Belichick is human after all

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has a softer side, revealing that he is perhaps from this planet, after all.

By Neil Harrington

It appears that Nike is the only thing that generates any emotion out of the calm, cool, and collected; robotic Bill Belichick.

No, it’s not the shoe company or their ads of the “inspirational” Colin Kaepernick, but of his Alaskan Klee Kai puppy — who is dubbed with the name Nike.

That’s right. The Hoodie has man’s best friend to keep him company. Based on some never before seen footage, Belichick may enjoy the presence of his pooch more than his team, or even his wife.

Props to CNBC for cracking the rough exterior of the “why so serious” head coach.

I knew he knew deep down that he was a good guy. Now we (finally) have proof.

Once the Hoodie gets his tail-wagger into midseason form, perhaps he’ll line him up in the slot against the opposition. He’s done it with Lacross players, defensive backs, and members of the New England Patriots practice squad. Nike undoubtedly would be game!

However, our dreams of seeing the first “air-bud” show-off his skills in the NFL are now crushed. Belichick admits:

“I don’t think Nike cares about football.”

Nike doesn’t care about the pigskin, but he sure loves the Hoodie — and the Hoodie loves him.

Belichick is unmoved by his five Super Bowls victories, winning countless NFL games, and even dry-eyed on his wedding day. However, one look at Nike; and the Hoodie tears up. He gets all mushy. Even flustered.

Who is this guy? It’s definitely not the Belichick we all know.

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Opposing NFL foes take note. If you want to shake the unratable head coach during crunch-time.

Then let the dogs out!

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