Fantasy Football: 3 Under The Radar Players Not Getting Enough Attention

The NFL season is in full force, and there are a few under the radar fantasy football studs that you’ll know about soon enough. If they aren’t on your roster already, make sure to snag them up before it’s too late.

By: The BanterCamp Fantasy Football Experts

Allen Robinson

Exploding on the NFL scene in 2015, Allen Robinson came up with 1,400 receiving yards on 80 receptions — earning him the sixth spot in yards as a WR. Players that DID NOT gain more yards than him in 2015? Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas (with Manning), Fitz, T.Y., Gronk, and many more.

We all know 2016 was rough. How could it not be with Bortles throwing passes as if he were one of your drunk buddy’s at a dartboard at the local VFW mumbling, “I’m normally pretty good.” Just like your drunk buddy, we know he’s not.

Fast forward past this blemish to 2017 when the team as a whole was improved… injury. See Keelan Cole (748 rec. yards) and Marquise Lee (702 rec. yards). Ask yourself, is Robinson better?

Look what he’s working with now. Personally, I don’t know about you, but I’m an American — innocent until proven guilty, am I right, OJ?

Anyway, what I mean is with Trubisky behind center it can’t be worse than Bortles until Mitch proves us wrong.

Bring in Nagy who helped produced “Game Manager” Alex Smith’s best statistical season, with an already solid ground game backed by Howard to keep opposing defenses honest. This spells a resurgence year for Allen Robinson. If you didn’t draft him to start, target this guy in trades before the owner knows what he has.

Alex Collins

Alex Collins was going as an RB2 in the late 5th round — in some drafts getting into the 6th and beyond. Disrespectful. This guy averaged 4.6 YPC, and by most of these “next-gen stats”/ ”analytical” (Your Advertisement HERE) sites, he is top 10 in almost all efficiency categories. That and the Ravens weren’t sure who “the guy” was going to be last year until roughly week 4 or 5.

Baltimore’s D is still good and will keep them in games for Collins to the get the volume — add Crabtree, and that 2017, 977-yard campaign turns into a 2018, 1,000+ yard campaign. He was a steal at his ADP. Since he wasn’t a “flashy name” nor a “sexy pick” the owner snagged a diamond in the rough.

Does anyone need an RB that you won’t have to haggle like you’re at the used car dealer for? Guarantee the owner of Ol’ Alex Collins won’t have to go back and “talk to his boss” if you propose anything around mediocre.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

I hate the Steelers, and this kills me, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. JuJu wasn’t utilized much until mid-season (ZERO catches in game one. Not sure if he even played). Numbers don’t lie. Through the first 7 weeks, Smith-Schuster logged 15 receptions and 231 yards. The last 7 games? 41 receptions and 493 yards.

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It’s hard to argue that he won’t be utilized early and often, especially since this whole Bell distraction is happening. Less work for Bell, more work for “JuJu On That Beat” out of the slot.

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