MLB: Wil Myers’ Fortnite gaming disaster

San Diego Padres first baseman Wil Myers had a bit of steam to blow off and turned to the widely popular game Fortnite for stress relief — and it nearly cost him his job.

By Neil Harrington

Anybody who’s anybody is playing the trendy Fortnite video game. Don’t ask me, but every pimpled-face teenager or even 40-year old virgin.

Even the jocks are riding the wave of Fortnite, including professional athletes — who showcase their mad gaming skills on live Twitch, for the world to see.

San Diego Padres first baseman Wil Myers is no exception, who recently played online with MLB (prospect) Carlos Asuaje.

Instead of making it a fun evening with fellow teammates, Myers turned the evening into a group therapy session, where he complained about his boss, San Diego Padres Manager Andy Green.

However, Myers didn’t realize one small detail.

Myers: “The Padres are doing cutoff and relays tomorrow at 3 o’clock — in September, dude. Oh my god. It’s so miserable, man. It’s insane. Andy could not be any worse than he is right now.”

Asuaje: “Dude, I’m streaming this.”

Uh oh!

In this day in age, one must assume that every conversation or private message is under surveillance, especially if you’re a professional athlete.

Trust no one.

Myers apologized, but the damage has already been done.

Wil Myers: “I love Andy, and I love playing for him. At times, you get into a mood where you get frustrated, no matter what’s going on with a team or individually, and you say some things you shouldn’t say in a conversation that you think’s private. The reality is, now we’re in 2018.

See, Myers understands that truth. Lesson learned, I suppose.

If I were Green, I would make Myers’ life hell and show him just how much of a hard-ass I could really be.

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I would make Myers do my laundry for a year.


Then, embarrass him even further after that insincere apology.


Now the scoreboard reads:

Social Media: 1,000. Professional athletes: 0

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