Pittsburgh Steelers: What’s the deal with Le’Veon Bell?

Le’Veon Bell is holding out because he is unhappy with his contract situation — since the Pittsburgh Steelers do not want to pay the Prima Dona, Bell, what he thinks he deserves.

By: Jonathan Goad

Well, Le’veon Bell still hasn’t reported to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We’ve seen this before. Player A is unhappy, so he decides not to play. Team A is either forced to give in to the player’s demands or play games without him sometimes for the majority of the season.

Le’Veon Bell appears to be ready to sit out for a significant amount of the season. This goes without saying, but not having Bell suit up on Sundays only hurts the Steelers — who will not lift the NFL Franchise tag from their superstar running back.

Bell is selfish. He’s putting himself before the team.

With Bell, the Steelers have a real shot at competing for a Super Bowl Championship. Without him, who knows?

Does Le’Veon Bell deserve to be the highest paid running back? Absolutely. No one is arguing that truth. But he has to understand that the running back position does not get paid quarterback-type money.

Typically, running backs are used up by the time they turn 30 years old. They get a lot of mileage on them in their 4-6 years of their prime. Running backs take a ton of hits and are always an injury risk. They also happen to be a dime a dozen.

Talents like Bell aren’t everywhere, but usually, a backup running back isn’t too much worse than a starter.

Even Bell’s teammates are calling him out.

This might be how it looks once (if) Bell returns.

Le’Veon Bell needs to get back on the field for his team. Sign the Franchise tag and accept the millions of dollars he’ll make this season.

The offseason is over. Worry about your next contract after this year is over. Someone will pay you a significant amount of money.

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Bell is also hurting fantasy owners by holding out. Most of the outrage is probably from us degenerates.

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We all want to see Bell back on the field, with the exception of the teams he will be playing. So do us all a favor, Le’Veon, end this nonsense.

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