Alabama football: Nick Saban embraces his inner-Hulk

You don’t want to mess with Alabama football coach Nick Saban, aka the Hulk, when he’s angry.

By Neil Harrington

Nick Saban is living his best life now at Alabama, with five NCAA football national titles (six overall), a 127–20 record, and 13-9 in postseason games with the Crimson Tide.

He’s in the midst of an 8-year, 74 million dollar contract, coaching a kid’s game. Life is good for the ole ball coach, and nothing can bring the man down.

Following Alabama’s 51-14 slaughter of Louisville, you figure he’d be on cloud-nine — happy and content. Wrong.

However, don’t ask him about his team’s Quarterback situation, or he’ll lose his freaking mind.

Saban was asked a simple question about his team’s quarterback controversy, and then this happened.

You don’t want to mess with the Saban when he’s angry!

Take a chill pill, bro. It’s a fair question and one that Saban should have anticipated. What an entitled and arrogant prick.

Thankfully, all is not lost, with Saban giving me this nifty gifty: a reminder of times past  of other’s who lost their cool

Who can forget Ryan Leaf’s tantrum?

Or, the rant of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy?

Or the time Denny Greene crowned the Bears’ ass.

To be fair, Nick Saban’s two-second clip is nowhere near the level of these others.

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However, if he doesn’t mix in some Xanax, a massage, or some anger management intervention, Saban will undoubtedly join this elite list of the all-time greatest meltdowns much sooner than later.

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