Ohio State football: Zach Smith is a mama’s boy

Former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith is a pathetic excuse for a human being and quite the mama’s boy.

By Neil Harrington

If you’re late to the party, former Ohio State assistant football Zach Smith was (finally) fired for his off the field actions, which include domestic abuse charges that are all but confirmed — revealed in a lengthy police report recently released the public.

Smith even performed (and filmed) various sex acts at Ohio State’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center with a co-worker, and during the team’s visit to the White House following their 2015 NCAA College Football Playoff championship — during his tenure at Ohio State.

Sex toys were even sent to the facility, where Smith got his freak on time after time.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the curious case of Zach Smith took another bizarre turn on Wednesday when he, with help from his mama, took to Twitter defending himself.

Talk about breaking the silence, huh? Well, Smith wasn’t done blaming the entire world and summed up his list of accusations in a nutshell.

What a piece of work (and something else) this guy is, huh? The more Smith talks, the more he digs his hole deeper and deeper. The more he reveals that he’s a total piece of crap.

Now, let’s hear what mama has to say on the subject.

“I’m just wondering where Meyer’s mentor was in his thinking, The Earle Bruce I know would be disappointed at best. My father was fiercely loyal – to a fault, I will agree – but he would never compromise his integrity by apologizing to someone who has lied and brought so much damage to HER OWN CHILDREN and so many others. He would never bow down to anyone if it meant being dishonest.”

Smith’s mama, Lynn Bruce was only getting started, when she then lashed out at Urban Meyer’s integrity.

“IF he were honest….IF he had integrity…..IF he were truly a Christian….”

Bruce and I agree with Meyer’s (lack) of integrity, but our reasoning could not be further apart.

The reason Meyer is in this whole debacle in the first place is that he stood up for Smith, covering up his transgressions. What else would she want Urb to do for her son? Hasn’t he done enough already? 

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Both Smith and his mama are pathetic excuses for human beings.

Stupid is, as stupid does. Like mother like son, I suppose.

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